How Can Septic Pumping Improve the Performance of Your Septic Tank?

Septic pumping is one of the most important things you can do to keep your septic tank functioning properly.

If you’re not familiar with septic tank pumping, you may be wondering how pumping out your septic tank can improve its performance.

Let’s look at what septic pumping involves and why it’s an important part of septic tank maintenance.

Septic pumping involves removing the liquid, floating solids, and sludge from a septic tank, leaving it empty and ready to be filled again. A septic technician inserts a heavy-duty hose attached to a pump truck into the septic tank and sucks out the sludge, effluent, and scum in the tank. 

Septic Pumping Improves Your Septic Tank’s Efficiency and Prevents Damage

If you wait too long to pump out your septic tank, the sludge can build up to a level where it blocks the inlet and outlet pipes, leading to raw sewage backup in your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Routine septic pumping ensures the inlet and outlet pipes are in good working order, thereby allowing wastewater to continue flowing smoothly through the septic tank. If you suspect your tank is full or suspect it’s close, it’s recommended that you schedule a pumping as soon as possible to prevent a host of problems.

Reduce Harmful Gases

If your septic tank goes too long without being pumped, there can be an excessive accumulation of gases in the tank. The gases will find their way into your home through the drains. Pumping your septic tank as needed will ensure there’s no excess gas buildup in the tank.   

If you fail to pump out your septic tank as required, the sludge, effluent, and floating solids will build up and block the outlet pipe or even overflow into the drain field. Sometimes the overflow can flood your yard and find its way into various water sources.   

Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Full and Needs to Be Pumped Out

  • There’s standing water or damp spots around your septic tank
  • Slow or frequently clogged drains
  • There’s a funny smell in your yard
  • There’s raw sewage backing up into your home
  • Extra green grass around the tank or the drainfield
  • You hear gurgling sounds whenever you flush the toilet or pour water down the drain
  • You haven’t pumped out your septic tank for over five years

If you’re located in Lawrenceville and have noticed any of these signs, call Rooter Septic Services to pump out your septic tank. We are equipped with high-performing septic pumping equipment such as specialized pump trucks and powerful suction hoses to get the job done fast.


Furthermore, we are familiar with the local laws and regulations on disposal of waste, so hiring us to help you out gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have run-ins with local authorities.

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