How Catastrophic Injuries Can Affect Family Members

Catastrophic injuries have a severe impact on one’s mobility or require a lengthy recovery time. Unfortunately, the individual’s chances to recover to their pre-injury state are very slim. It is the responsibility of the rest of the family to help however they can. They should also be empathetic because the injured individual has a long road ahead of them until they can become somewhat functional again. However, the recovery process can take its toll on both the individual and the family members. Keep reading this article to learn how catastrophic injuries can affect family members.

Loss of income

After an accident, the doctor might advise your loved one to take bed rest and avoid strenuous activities such as going to work. If they suffer from a severe spinal cord injury, they might use a wheelchair which hampers their ability to resume work normally. Since their injuries do not allow them to go to work, they end up not getting their salary and can’t contribute to the ever-growing financial burden on the family.

Increased expenses

If you don’t have a family vehicle, you might need to incur transportation costs to and from the hospital. Other expenses include medical bills, specialized care, and necessary items that will aid in the recovery process. The children also need someone to take care of them while the injured family member goes for checkups and tests. All these extra expenses can bring about tension and frustration for a family with limited income.  

At this point, reaching out to a catastrophic injury lawyer can be a lifeline. These specialized attorneys understand the long-term impact of such injuries, both financially and emotionally. They can guide you through the legal complexities of your case, aiming to secure compensation for these extra costs and lessen the burden on the family. They are skilled at building a strong case that takes into account not only immediate expenses but also future ones related to ongoing care and recovery.

Poor mental health

When the injured individual was the primary provider, they might be consumed by feelings of frustration and helplessness. The victim might also feel angry and depressed that they can no longer provide the finances to support their family. As a result, they might be withdrawn or lash out at other members of the family who are doing their best to lend a helping hand.

Pain and emotional suffering

The emotional effects are the worst and most prevalent impacts of a catastrophic injury. According to an Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney, you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you go through after an accident caused by negligence. Keep in mind that family members may have a challenge coping with the new normal. They also tend to wish things could return to the way they were. Young children who may not understand the gravity of the situation can still feel the tension and change in ambiance around the house following a catastrophic incident.

Neglecting personal needs

Family members actively involved in caregiving resort to placing the victim’s needs before their own. Everyone becomes more focused on the injured individual that they fail to practice self-care. Some of these family members soon feel overwhelmed by the never-ending tasks or develop resentment towards the victim, who is now the center of attention.

Bottom Line

A catastrophic accident is one of the worst things a person can endure. We understand that the injuries could impact your family in more ways than one. It would help to realize that the individual needs your help during this trying time in their life. On the other hand, you should also strive to get other family members on board with caregiving to avoid being overwhelmed.