How Natural Cough Suppressants Can Do More for Your Body 

Coughing is a common symptom of many different health concerns, including allergies, colds, flu, viruses or some more serious illnesses. Some doctors will recommend that patients opt for a prescription or over the counter cough medicine to quiet chronic coughing. Another option that may offer relief is to choose a natural cough suppressant. Some natural suppressants may even be available in your kitchen cabinet. Here is how a natural cough remedy may benefit your body.   

Stop Post Nasal Drip

Post nasal drip is one of the most annoying symptoms that people struggle with. Constant post nasal drip can lead to a sore throat, cough, stress and lots of discomfort. Instead of reaching for a powerful prescription or over the counter medication to fight post nasal drip, some patients choose to do a nasal rinse. A Neti pot with distilled water is a popular tool to use for a nasal rinse. Rinsing the nasal passages may help stop the post nasal drip and be more effective than medication. Calming pills for adults may also offer some benefits to the anxiety with constant post nasal drip.

Curb Mucus 

Mucus is also a symptom that can be uncomfortable. Heavy mucus may lead to a wet cough and a rattling sound in the chest. Patients with troublesome mucus may want to consult their doctor for some relief. A natural mucus remedy is to gargle salt water. Warm salt water may help thin heavy mucus and offer some germ-fighting powers as well.

Fight Cold and Flu Symptoms

For a cough that is part of a cold or the flu, there are still some natural remedies that can provide some reprieve. Over the counter flu meds can be combined with some effective home remedies for a nasty cough. Besides using a medication, it may also be helpful to try a soothing home remedy for flu symptoms that has been used for decades, homemade chicken soup. Chicken soup may assist your body with fighting infections, like a cold or the flu.

Soothe a Sore Throat

Coughing repeatedly may also lead to a sore throat, or you may have a sore throat due to post nasal drip. One of the most effective home treatments for a sore throat is using honey. To get the most out of this soothing home remedy, patients should add honey to a cup of warm tea. Adding a squeeze of lemon to a cup of tea with honey can also add some mucus-fighting properties to a drink. Honey shouldn’t be given to infants who are less than one year old.

Moisturize Dry Passages

Coughing may also be due to dry nasal and throat passages. If you have a cold or the flu, frigid winter air may worsen some of the symptoms by also drying out your passages. One way to combat dry indoor air is to add some humidity and moisture to your space. This can be as simple as running a humidifier in the room while you sleep or during the day. 

If you have a cough, you may have a lot of other symptoms, such as dry passages, a sore throat, mucus build-up or post nasal drip. Trying out a variety of natural remedies may help soothe your cough symptoms and have you feeling back to yourself.