How Often Should You Masturbate? A Woman’s Guide

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I don’t want, anybody else. When I think about you I touch myself!”

Almost everyone knows the words to this classic song, and whether or not you fantasize about a specific someone, almost everyone masturbates, especially us gals.

If you’re a woman sitting there wondering how often should you masturbate, keep reading to get the scoop on your me-time.

How Often Should You Masturbate?

Historically, and unfortunately, masturbation for women has always received some negative views compared to the men. So much so that statistics point to 15% more men masturbating on a weekly basis compared to women.

What’s even more shocking is that women predominantly masturbate only a few times a year, some even have never. Even a smoke detector get’s check-up more often than that!

I’ve got some news for this masturbation guide and for those of you wondering. The truth is, there is no set number on how often women should masturbate. But the consensus is you should enter the DJ box and spin every once in a while…if you know what I mean.

The general rule of thumb (or finger!) is that as long as it’s not impacting your ability to live a normal life, then the number of times is just fine.

What we should really be getting into, is all the amazing benefits of why you should be having some more me-time in your time!

Why You Should Masturbate Often

Instead of focusing on how often should women masturbate, let’s take a deeper dive into why women should masturbate often. We want to make masturbation less taboo and more woo-hoo so women can also reap those added health benefits that men are collecting!

A Better Sex Life

Let’s start off with the first benefits of taking the time to reconnect with yourself physically and sexually. Doing so allows you to be more confident in the bedroom with a partner and let them know what feels best for you.

A Stress Suppression Aid

Feeling stressed? Have you tried to diddle your Skittle? You should!

Studies have shown that an orgasm produces endorphins which are your happy brain chemicals to relieve bouts of stress in your life. Masturbating works similarly in its brain benefit as exercise does on stress.

Helps With Sleep

Men aren’t the only ones that get sleepy after sex. Women also benefit from the sleepy brain chemical prolactin while cycling through the various arousal stages before reaching orgasm.

For those who have difficulty quieting their head at night or getting to sleep, try masturbating instead before reaching for a sedative.

Body Detox

As if you needed another reason why you should masturbate today, an orgasm has been shown to provide a natural lymphatic massage for your entire body. This means getting out the toxins and improving your mood and even digestion by doing so.

How Often Should You Masturbate? Regularly!

Though you may not have a pretty clear answer as to how often should you masturbate, you should know that it’s something that you may want to add to your weekly routine! Especially when it comes to getting all the amazing benefits that come with it.

Will you be visiting the little man in the boat tonight?

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