How To Host A Perfect Winter Barbecue Night

Barbecue parties make an excellent entertainment option for summer evenings. You can make the most of your outdoor space to have a good time with friends and family. But the concept does not sound good for winter months when the chill in the air is hard to bear. However, you can actually hang out in your backyard or on the deck if you are a true-blue outdoor lover. You only need to be a little more creative to plan a cozy and enjoyable barbecue evening. Here are some tips for hosting a perfect get-together this winter.

Reposition your barbecue

You will probably know the challenges of barbecuing outdoors in the winter season. Even if you check the forecasts and choose a clear evening, the freezing wind can affect the grilling process. But repositioning your barbecue can do the trick, no matter how cold the evening is. You can place it near the back door, close to the house. Also, check the wind direction to keep the grill safe from unwelcome draughts – but avoid covered spaces because they may trap unwanted smoke or cause a fire hazard. Even with a gas barbecue, an unexpected turn in the weather can make it hard to get alight. When you obtain your gas from companies such as Kelly Propane and Fuel, LLC, be mindful of the size of the tank if you think you may need to reposition this with the barbecue unit.

Get going early

Low temperatures can affect your barbecue grills, so heating it up may take a lot more time than usual. You cannot expect it to light up within minutes as in summer. The last thing you want is to keep your guests waiting for it. You can avoid the delay by getting the barbecue started well before the party begins. Keep at least an hour to spare for the heating prep instead of waiting until the guests arrive.

Choose your entertainment wisely

Besides warming up the barbecue, you must choose the entertainment for the outdoor event wisely. Your guests will surely not enjoy physical games and dancing in the freezing weather. Consider entertaining them with sitting games where they can huddle together in small groups. Board games like scrabble and card games like Rubbish Options are ideal. Serve warm drinks and snacks to keep the chill at bay.

Use the right cookware

Another winter barbecuing tip is to choose the right equipment to serve the food. Look for materials that trap heat long enough to keep your food warm. Ceramic is ideal as it looks good and maintains temperature for longer intervals. You can also invest in preheated cast iron pans to pop the cooked food into it. Also, ensure that all utensils have lids to prevent heat loss due to the low temperature. 

Be ready to head inside

You cannot be too sure about the winter weather because rain or snow may come when you least expect them. Be ready to head inside if your guests are not comfortable outdoors, even if you start a bonfire or provide them with blankets. You can get the best of both worlds by grilling outdoors and serving food and drinks indoors. Move out again for drinks if possible later in the evening.

Although a winter barbecue sounds like a challenging feat, you can plan it with a little extra effort. Follow these easy tips to host a memorable one this season.