How to Make a New House a Home

Moving from your beloved home to either a new neighborhood, or to a different sized house can feel a little traumatic – especially for children. To make the move a positive experience for everyone, you need to make your new house a home. Living in a lifeless building is not something that anyone wants – but making that lifeless building into something that has heart, and something you go home to and feel safe is priceless.

1. Repaint

Before you move in and put all your things in the right places, you should repaint. The paint in your home should complement your style. You can either do it yourself, or hire a professional painter to truly bring out each room. Either way, repainting is a must. Your new house is either the flat shade of builder’s paint or it is the preloved coat from another family. Repainting will make your house instantly more like home – and when you repaint before you move in, you don’t have to worry about moving furniture around!

Tip: If you want to, also replace the flooring during this step.

2. Move In  

Remember to put labels on your packed boxes to identify what is packed in them. You do not have to itemize the contents as a generic label will do such as kitchen or bedroom 1. Put your family memories on the wall and the art you’ve collected over the years – but remember to leave space for new memories and new art!

3. Buy New Home Furnishings

Another great tip on how to make your new house a home is to sell your old furniture. Though that old furniture might seem like keepsakes, it may get in the way of making your new house into your new home. Instead, buy new furnishings that match the space. Don’t bring your old home into your new one. Buy new furniture that will make each space pop.

4. Improve Your Curb Appeal

How your house looks from the outside is just as important as how it looks on the inside. Curb appeal is not just a great way to make your house feel like yours, it is also a good investment for the future. Your neighbors will thank you for improving the look of the street, and you can even make your home more energy efficient. Install new windows and doors to really bring your home’s look together, and work from there.

5. Renovate

If the kitchen needs work, or if the bathroom needs an upgrade, you should renovate. Many people buy homes that require fixes so that they can put their own personal touch in the home while still saving on the initial purchase price. Renovating is the single best way to make the interior of your house yours and to increase its value. It will be to your exact liking, and the effort you put in will make the space much more special.

6. Make Memoires

The last step is the best one – make new memories! Nothing makes a house a home than a happy family living inside it.

Moving can be a fun, exciting thing. Make your new house into somewhere your family can grow and flourish by making it into your own oasis. You need your home to be a personal getaway – somewhere safe, warm, and loved by every member of your family.