How to Pick the Right Charity

There is no more honorable endeavor than helping your fellow man who is in need. This act of charity evokes all of the best qualities in people and connects us together in a way that shows our capacity for caring and compassion.

These days there are so many ways to give from donating your time to sending money to providing other resources like food and clothing to those in need. Each has its own set of benefits and rewards but they all provide a scenario where you get back at least as much as you give.

But finding which charity to donate to can be a challenge. In addition to wanting to locate one that has the right mission statement and specific goals, you want to make sure that how they operate is not only reputably, but also in line with your ideas and desires. With this in mind here is how you can locate the right charity for your donations.

Find a cause you’re passionate about

Once you have decided upon a charity type, research those in your area. There are literally hundreds of charities for you to choose from for a donation. They range from those that serve children, women, families, the depressed, homeless, animals, the environment, the oceans, and the air. There are even charities like Helping a Hero that is managed by Meredith Iler that build custom homes for wounded war veterans.

The key is to find a charity that you are passionate about and want to see successful. There could be a reason you have this passion, it could be personal or on behalf of someone you know who is suffering. It could be that you have a grave concern for something like climate change and want to get involved. Whatever the reason, if it invokes passion, it is a good reason.

Search for charities that fit your definition

Today there are wonderful tools available to help you find charities to consider. The primary tool is the Internet and with it you can do all types of research that can help you narrow down our search. Start with organizations like They can give you some insight into which charities have a good standing. You should cross reference what they say with other websites and look at the total reviews for direction.

Interview and charities you consider

An important part of selecting a charity is for you to visit their offices and see how they run their operation. Reputable charities are happy to have you come by and do a tour and interview the staff and director about their activities. Every charity has a special department that works with donors and who can set up times and specific things you want to see and learn about the charity during your visit. They will accommodate you no matter your initial donation size because they want to cultivate donors and advocates. Do not be shy about asking tough questions regarding how they operate, their goals and funding requirements. You can also question their use of funds and specific levels of donations for the causes they support. The more you learn, the more comfortable you will feel that they are a good place for your money or not.

Be discerning and if you fall in love with more than one, then donate to two. The more you give the better you will feel and the more good you will do.