How to Prevent Disaster Damage From Happening to Your Home: 5 Tips

Did you know that there’s an average of 14 weather and climate disasters in the United States that cause an excess of a billion dollars in damage a year?

Every year, homeowners all over the country are forced to deal with damage to their homes due to natural disasters. And though a certain amount of damage is usually unavoidable when disaster strikes, there are a few tips you can use to enhance protection from natural disasters.

Read on to learn how to prevent disaster damage to your home as best you can.

1. Homeowners’ Insurance is Important

Homeowners’ insurance is indispensable in a natural disaster. Ensure that you not only have it but that you have a policy that will cover a good portion of the damage.

A basic policy will save you money in the short term, but more coverage can save you thousands in the long run.

2. Fill Any Cracks in Your Foundation

In case of a hurricane or flood, it’s crucial that you don’t have any holes or cracks in your foundation. Water will find its way into these gaps and can do serious damage to the structure of your home as well as your belongings.

In small amounts, water is harmless. But cracks in your foundation is one of the most common causes of water damage in your milwaukee home and after the damage has been done, it’s extremely difficult and expensive to repair, so it’s best to avoid it if possible.

3. Use Hurricane Straps

Hurricane straps are useful for securing any large appliances in your home and your outdoor HVAC unit. They can even be used to brace your home against wind damage by connecting your roof to the walls and the walls to the foundation.

Properly installed hurricane straps can enable your home to withstand 100 mph winds!

4. Turn Off Utilities

In a natural disaster, knowing how to turn off your utilities can be an absolute lifesaver. Many home disasters are caused by fires, gas leaks, and flooding due to active utilities.

When you learn that a tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster is headed your way, shut off your gas, electricity, and water to minimize the damage.

5. Repair Damage As Soon As Possible

If you do experience any damage, don’t wait to begin collecting estimates for repairs. Complete a thorough inspection of your roof and your home’s structure to determine if a professional is needed.

Take plenty of pictures and notes to bring to your insurance company so you can get the full amount you deserve. And when you’re ready, call in restoration specialist. They can help with many types of disaster damage.

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Use These Tips on How to Prevent Disaster Damage to Protect Your Home

Natural disasters are unavoidable and can strike at any time. But by knowing how to prevent disaster damage to your home, you can avoid thousands of dollars in damage.

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