How to start a wellness journey without breaking the bank

Source: Unsplash | Emma Simpson

In theory, wellness sounds amazing. Images of candle-lit baths and meditation come to mind, as you dream about setting aside that much-needed ‘me time’. However, bills, work and family obligations can easily take up our time and energy, leaving us without the resources or budget to start a wellness routine. Even though looking after ourselves isn’t always easy, it is possible. 

Wellness, in whatever shape and form, can lead to a healthier, happier you, helping you focus on every aspect of your health.Here are some tips to get you started on your wellness journey.

Emotional health – affirmation cards

An easy way to start off your wellness journey is to get yourself in the right mindset. Affirmation cards are the perfect tool to get you there.

Affirmation cards come in decks, usually with a single affirmation provided on each card. You can choose one daily for that mental boost, or simply pick one card from the deck whenever you’re feeling down. They can provide many benefits while you’re on your wellness journey, such as encouraging a positive mindset, motivating you to work on your goals, and improving your confidence. Plus, they’re great to use as journal prompts!

Mental health – take up yoga

Yoga is a combination of physical movement, concentration, breathing exercises and meditation. If you’re ready to focus on self-care and are looking for more time to practice mindfulness, yoga is perfect for your wellness journey.

Yoga can help you physically by increasing your flexibility and muscle strength, and improving your heart health. It also provides plenty of mental benefits, including reduced stress and a more positive outlook on life. Some poses even enable you to practice mindfulness. – the tree pose gets you to focus your mind on finding your balance on one leg, while the mountain pose makes you aware of your entire body, including whether your mind is drifting away or not.

If you’re unsure what kind of yoga supplies to buy, a yoga kit is a great way to get started. 

Physical health – have some fitness equipment at home

While you may already have a gym membership and attend fitness classes, it doesn’t hurt to have some workout gear at home. 

Small, affordable pieces of equipment that you can easily move around your home will definitely help you maintain your fitness and keep your wellness journey on track. Having equipment at home gives you the opportunity to do a quick workout if things are hectic and you don’t have time to go to the gym or a HIIT class.

You can easily get a bike ride in while streaming your favourite show with a mini-exercise bike, add some strength training to your yoga with a weighted dumbbell set, or squeeze in cardio training with a weighted skipping rope.

Social health – start having game nights

It’s safe to say that our social health has taken a hit in recent years with Zoom backgrounds becoming more common than the family table. One easy and fun way to get back on track is by having game nights with family and friends.

Game nights are easy to set up and can easily vary. Stock up on your favourite games or try something new. One week you can have a poker night, the next a board game night, the one after that a trivia game night, and so on. As well as providing you with the opportunity to spend a fun night with your family, catch up with your friends and improve your relationships, game nights provide positive health benefits. These include reducing stress, improving motor skills, improving performance, and boosting mood.

Intellectual health – bury your head in a good book

Burying your head in a good book is a great addition to your wellness journey.n Reading provides many intellectual health benefits, from increasing your general knowledge, to improving your vocabulary, and fuelling your imagination. Reading can also reduce stress and help you sleep. Swap your phone with a book while you’re in bed to help signal your brain to slow down. 

As well as improving your intellectual and physical health, reading can help you progress on your wellness journey by encouraging new hobbies. Books on plants can encourage you to take up gardening, or even set up your own indoor jungle. Cookbooks can help you try new foods and eat healthier, and self-care books can keep your wellness journey on track.

However you decide to start your wellness journey, make sure you do what you enjoy! Try something new and get into some new habits, or hone in on some habits you already have.