How to Take Care Of A Newborn Baby

As a matter of fact, the first few months with the newborn baby can be overwhelming and chaotic for the first time parents. You will face all the contradicting advice from everyone about taking care of the babies. The final decision is up to you on deciding what advice to follow. Taking care of the newborn baby can be really baffling. It is challenging and exhausting at the same time.

Here are some of the newborn baby care tips that you can follow to take care of the infants –


This is an essential newborn baby care tip that you need to follow. The most important thing to be kept in mind is to feed the baby on time. A newborn baby or an infant has to be fed every 2 to 3 hours. It means that you need to feed the baby for around 8 to 12 times a day. You must only feed breast milk to the baby for the first six months of life. This is because breast milk consists of vital nutrients and antibodies which are required for the babies growth and survival. Nurse the baby for at least 10 minutes. Hold the breast near the baby’s lips until he or she latches on its family and starts sucking.


After feeding, comes burping. Baby needs to be burped. Most of the time it happens that babies swallow the air while feeding which might cause gas and colic in the tummies. As per the burping experts, this excess air leads to digestion problems or spit-ups in the baby. So, all you need to do is generally hold the baby against the chest with one hand and chin resting on your shoulder. Stroke the back of the baby very gently until he or she burps. This is an essential step to the newborn baby care process.


There is a way of holding the babies as well. It is very important to maintain that you are supporting the head and neck of the baby while holding it. This is because the neck muscles are not very strong enough to hold up independently. The backbone is still growing and must be taken care of. So, always pay attention to the neck and head supporting the baby while taking care of it.

Cord Stump Care

It is a must for the new parents not to bathe the babies for 2-3 weeks. Instead of bathing, you can give a baby a sponge bath or something with a wet towel or lukewarm water. Keep the navel area of the baby clean and dry. Clean and sanitize your hands before handling the navel area. If you want to clean the baby, use a damp cloth or absorbent cloth. Look out for the signs of an infection near the cord stump area. If there is any swelling, redness, is smelly discharge or bleeding in the naval area, take the baby to the pediatrician.


It is very important for the new parents to change the diaper as frequently as possible while taking care of the newborn baby right after the delivery. If the baby is getting sufficient breast milk for the formula suggested by the doctor, he or she will wet at least 6 to 8 hours a day with regular feeding of the breast milk. You can also change at 10 times a day depending on the wetness and bowel movements. If you want to change a dirty diaper, you must purchase a changing sheet, diaper wipes, baby powder, diaper rash cream, and some fresh style diapers. In order to prevent uterus infection or anything like that, you must clean the baby from front to back then back to front. Let the babies remain without diapers for a few hours every day.


Bathing a newborn baby is a very cautious task. You should start by bathing your baby around 2 to 3 times a week soon after the main umbilical cord stump heals and fades off. Make sure that you have the bathing supplies before you take your baby for a bath. Make sure the bath time is just before bedtime because it helps the babies in sleeping more peacefully. You must buy some of the essential bath commodities like a bathtub, lukewarm water body wash, baby soaps, wash clothes and soft towels, baby lotion, baby creams, and so on. Ensure that you have the best clothes for newborn babies for dressing them in the best attire. It is a must for every parent to make their little angels look special at all the events.


In this way, you can learn very easily how to take care of a newborn baby. The new parents should take some help from friends and family members as well so that they can rest and take care of themselves too. The first time parents are quite confused about many aspects of newborn baby care and it is natural. All the steps will help you in taking care of the newborn baby in the best possible manner.

Happy Caring!