Hyperphagia in Action: 10 Causes of Excessive Hunger

Hyperphagia means you’re excessively hungry or you’re hungry all the time. It happens sometimes. It’s not as uncommon as you might think.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why am I always hungry, there are several possible reasons. We’ll discuss some now. 

You’re a Teenager

If you feel hungry often or all the time, it could be that you’re at a time in your life when you’re growing, and you need more calories than usual. When you’re a teenager is the most common time this happens.

You’re Bored

Maybe you’re bored, and the way your body reacts to that is by telling you that you’re hungry. Perhaps you’re getting enough calories, but if you can’t find something productive to do with yourself, your body suggests that you should eat. The best way to get away from this condition is to get a hobby or find something else to distract you. 

You’re Experiencing Stress

People experience stress in different ways. There’s such a thing as stress eating, and it’s relatively common. If you can reduce your stress, you may find that your body is not sending you frequent messages of hunger. 

You’re Burning More Calories than You’re Bringing In

Perhaps you’re eating, but you’re also exercising a lot and burning a ton of calories. If you’re training for something, the calories that you’re taking in might not be enough to match those going out. You can combat this by eating more calorie-dense snacks during the day.  

You’re Thirsty

You might think you’re hungry, but you’re really thirsty. This is uncommon, but sometimes, feelings of hunger can replace thirst, even though that’s the real problem. Drink more water, and this should cease being an issue. 

You’re Eating a Low-Fat Diet

Maybe you feel like you’re taking in enough calories, but the diet you’re eating is quite low in fat. Your body does need some fat in order to function correctly. Take a look at your diet and modify it accordingly. 

You’re Pregnant

Maybe you’re pregnant, and you didn’t realize it. Even if you think this is unlikely, if there’s even a small chance that this is what’s going on, it’s a simple matter to take a pregnancy test so that you can tell for sure. 

You’re in the Habit of Overeating

Maybe you have gotten into the habit of overeating. If so, you may have essentially rewired your body’s chemistry. You may not realize now when you’re full. Changing your eating habits will be required if this is the case.

You Have a Medication That’s Causing It

Certain medications can have the side effect that you feel hungry more often than usual. Think about whether a medication you started taking coincided with the feelings of excessive hunger. That’s usually the giveaway if this is happening.

You’re Eating Low-Quality Foods

Some foods, like candy, contain calories, but they have little or no nutritional value. That can lead to you feeling hungry more. Eliminate or reduce consumption of these foods if you can manage it.