Infidelity In Long-Distance Relationships- How To Deal With Doubts

Long-distance relationships can be daunting, whether you are officially married or still dating. You can imagine how the lack of intimacy can cause friction and problems. But the biggest challenge relates to the trust factor because doubts can easily arise. Moreover, infidelity is a genuine concern for couples struggling with physical connection. 

A study conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute states that 32.5% of long-distance relationships fail due to infidelity or cheating. However, this does not mean that all such couples are doomed to drift apart. You can stay strong, provided you are willing to invest the effort to keep the connection alive. 

Maintaining trust and communication is the best solution. Moreover, you must have a viable plan to deal with infidelity if you face the worst. Are you ready to work hard to stay in love with your partner? Do you want to keep your relationship intact despite the distance and doubts? Here are a few expert-recommended tips for dealing with trust issues and doubts. 

Address the issue head-on

Addressing the issue head-on gives you a head start with dealing with doubts in a long-distance relationship. The couple may often try to close up regarding their doubts because it makes them uncomfortable. Avoiding the topic of infidelity will only worsen the situation. 

Consider having an honest conversation with your partner sooner than later when doubts creep in. Share your feelings openly and listen to their perspective before jumping to conclusions. Maybe, they are actually in a genuine problem when they seem to be overlooking your calls and texts. 

Work on building trust

After the initial conversation, both partners must work on building trust and starting afresh. It has to be a joint effort rather than a singular initiative. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, even more when couples are miles apart. The best way to build trust is by setting clear expectations and boundaries from the beginning. 

Discuss what acceptable behavior should be like when it comes to communication and interactions with other people. After all, it is easy to cheat when there are no boundaries. Both partners must be clear about their own expectations and listen to the other partner’s needs as well.

Do not ignore red flags

While both parties must prioritize trust, ignoring red flags is the worst mistake. Do you feel that your spouse is suddenly aloof? Can you see something amiss on their social profiles? Trust your instincts, and verify facts to stay ahead of cheating. 

You can consider paying a surprise visit to your long-distance partner. You may even bring in a hacker for hire to monitor their phone activity even without having their device at hand. Being forewarned can help you think of the right way to deal with the situation. 

Stay committed to each other

If you are absolutely committed to your significant other, show your commitment to each other. Make them a priority, and be there when they need you. Plan visits as often as possible and make the most of the time together. 

Showing that you are willing to invest the effort to make the relationship work builds trust and keeps you together, no matter how many opportunities you have to cheat.

Be aware of your actions

Long-distance relationships are a big responsibility beyond love and commitment. Both partners should be aware of their actions and understand how the other person may perceive them. When you give them a reason to doubt your commitment, they will surely feel apprehensive.

Imagine their mindset when you fail to answer calls or reply to texts. Always hold yourself accountable for your mistakes instead of pointing the finger at the other person.

Seek outside support

Long-distance relationships are tough, no matter how much partners love and value each other. When infidelity and trust issues come between people, they may not be able to cope with the situation.

Consider working with a therapist specializing in long-distance relationships because they understand the needs and challenges they entail. You may talk to a mutual friend who can help you bridge the gap and resolve issues. 

Dealing with doubts in a long-distance relationship is not easy, specifically when infidelity is a concern. Decide whether you want to forgive and save your bond or move on and start afresh. If you want to stay, be ready to invest effort in rebuilding trust. But the effort is worthwhile if you genuinely love your partner. Follow these tips to preserve your relationship, no matter how much the distance is.