Learning to Play Casino Over Under

One of the coolest, but least known, casino games is Casino Over Under. The Bicycle Hotel and Casino is in the process of adding it to its offerings, making it one of the first casinos to do so. Essentially, in this game, you wager what the value of three cards will be, after you have seen a single one. It is similar to blackjack, in a sense, but doesn’t require you to understand the strategies. Furthermore, it provides an alternative from all the complicated poker variations that are quite intimidating to new players.

How Casino Over Under Works

One of the reasons why casinos are starting to add this game to their offerings is because they can use a standard blackjack table. Up to seven people can sit at the table, surrounding a house dealer in a half moon. Casinos use between four and eight decks for the game, and the values are the same as in black jack. Hence, 2 to 10 are their own value, face cards count as 10, and the ace counts as 11. Unlike with blackjack, it does not count as one.

At the start of the game, players make an initial “ante” wager. They can then take out a “bonus” bet if they so choose. Dealers don’t play at all. Each player is then given a single card, face up. Players then have three options:

  1. Bet over.
  2. Bet under.
  3. Fold.

The first two options have to equal the ante.

After they place their bet, two more cards, face up, are dealt to each player, at which point they come to a total value.

Totals for Winnings and Losses

The payouts are as follows:

  • Total of 13 to 26 is a loss.
  • 12 or 27 is a 1 to 1 return.
  • 11 or 28 is a 2 to 1 return.
  • 10 or 29 is a 3 to 1 return.
  • 9 or 30 is a 4 to 1 return.
  • 8 or 41 is a 5 to 1 return.
  • 7 or 32 is a 10 to 1 return.
  • 6 to 33 is a 59 to 1 return.

You also have to be aware of the house edge and strategy, however. The calculation for the ante bet’s house edge is less than 2%. Meanwhile, for the bonus bet, the house edge climbs to 5.6%. This is if six decks are used, which is the most common. In casinos where only four decks (the minimum) are used, or those where eight decks (the maximum) are used, those odds are somewhat different.

The best thing about Casino Over Under is that it doesn’t really require any strategic thinking on the part of the player and while doing this, you can instantly withdraw your winnings in the best online casino in Singapore. The only thing you have to know is that, if your first card is a 5 or less than a five, you should bet under. Should you draw a six or above, then making an over bet is more likely. Folding is always the wrong decision as you can’t win.