Love Your Life: Great Ways Wake Up Your Creative Side


There are four types of creativity, according to professor of educational psychology James Kaufman, they are:

Mini-C: This is the everyday type of creativity that you use for things like putting together a recipe or improvisation.

Little-C: This involves creative expression and everyday problem solving, such as writing short stories, creating a painting for your home or knitting a sweater.

Pro-C: This category includes professional creativity for example if you work as a journalist, a designer, a photographer or a musician.

Big-C: You fall into this category if your personal creativity has made a lasting impression within a specific area of creativity, such as if your art hangs in galleries throughout the world.

Do you consider yourself to be a creative person or is your inner creative genius feeling stifled? Believe it or not, you can actually train your brain to become more creative. If you’re feeling a little lacking in the imagination department, here are some ideas to help you become more creative.

Surround Yourself with Creativity

One of the best ways to stimulate your artistic inspiration is by submerging yourself in the creative works of others. Read some great works of literature, visit a museum or art gallery, spend an evening at the symphony. All of these are great ways to trigger the inventive part of your brain.

Color your World

Adult coloring books are all the rage, they help you focus, relax and stimulate your creativity. If you feel like coloring but you don’t have a coloring book or pencils at hand, download the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala to your mobile device. This great app is a versatile coloring book with unique designs and mandalas in a wide variety of categories, such as flowers, places, animals, and food. With more than 25 color palettes, you can really let your creativity loose. Get it on Google Play.

Shift Gears

If your creativity is blocked, put your project aside and take a new tack. Take a break and do a jigsaw puzzle, draw a picture or take a walk outside. Often shifting gears can trigger inspiration and before you know it your creativity will be flowing once again.

Practice Mindfulness

Take a break from your TV, iPod, or computer and enjoy the silence. Practice some relaxation methods, meditate or do some visualization exercises. These are all good for stimulating creativity and your mind will be much more receptive to new ideas.

Take a Creative Course

The Internet abounds with inspirational courses and many of them are completely free. If you want to jumpstart your creativity, think about an ink drawing course, or a class in photography at Skillshare. If you’re feeling crafty, try a knitting or quilting class at Craftsy, or if you’re musically inclined, how about a course on the History of Rock and Roll, or the Music of the Beatles at Springboard.

You should be feeling more creative already. Now it’s time to put your inner artists to good use.

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