Maintaining the value of a classic car: 3 essential steps

If you have never heard the roar of an accelerating classic car engine, you haven’t lived. If you have had this experience and have taken the landmark step of purchasing your first car, you are probably wondering how to maintain its pristine condition.

Robert Bassam been involved in this scene for a long time, as he has a number of amazing vehicles sitting in his garage.

Having spent numerous hours maintaining his hot rods over the decades, there are a few rules that if followed, can help you keep yours in mint condition in the same way Robert has.

In the article below, we’ll expand on those rules so you can keep your new vehicles (and successive ones) running perfectly for years to come.

1) Wash your cars regularly (even if they are only a little dusty)

It can be a time-consuming affair, but washing your classic auto even if it only has a small amount of dust on it will reduce the odds of it falling prey to a number of problems.

Not keeping up with this chore will do more than cause your ride to lose its shine; the dirt that gets on your car may contain substances which can damage your car’s exterior in due time. Rust can be costly to fix, and it can knock off a ton of value from its resale price.

Cleaning your car can take a lot of time, but assuming these tasks will build a bond between you and your new machine.

2) Wax your car at least twice per year

Washing your vehicle is not the only thing you need to do if you want it to gleam like the prize winners you obsess over at shows – if you want to get your car to that stage, you need to take your maintenance to the next level. If you want your car to look like a winner, break out the turtle wax.

Done at least once every six months, dirt and grime will slide off your ride at the car wash, allowing you to drive out the other end with it shining in a way that will attract lusty stares from car enthusiasts. Use chrome polish as well, as it will make your rims glitter, drawing your vehicle even more attention.

3) Give your interior lots of love

Want to induce envy from others with your car? Obsess over interior maintenance in the same way others do with exterior maintenance.

Before you give out rides to anyone, you need to make your interior shine. Start with your dashboard. Of all surfaces inside your car, it is the thing that stands out the most to passengers. If it is dirty or dull, it can swing the opinion others have of your vehicle.

The biggest threat to your dash is UV radiation, After cleaning off dust and dirt, apply and rub in some leather cream to defend it from the punishing rays of the sun.

Do the same for your vinyl upholstery – this surface has cleaners which are specially formulated to clean them and protect their integrity, so follow the directions on the bottle, apply it regularly, and it will look just as amazing ten years from today.