Packing Beauty Products For A Late Summer Vacation

So you’re finally going on vacation! You’ve got your tickets booked, your accommodations all squared away and you’ve arranged for a friend to come water your plants at least once while you’re gone. Now it’s time to get realistic about what beauty products you’re going to need, and, while you may have most of the things you’ll require, it’s never too late to stock up.

Traveling can pose some unique problems when it comes to beauty: you’re often out and about for most of the day; you’re often outside in the heat and sun; you’re often bagged by the time you get back to your hotel, in no mood to do a comprehensive nightly routine; and, come morning, you’re stuck with the subpar hotel shampoo and conditioner. But don’t fret – following some simple guidelines, you can pack for your late summer vacation to avoid those irksome issues.

The first problem outlined above is that you’re very often out and about, and because of this you need to ensure that your makeup lasts. Primer and Setting sprays are the shield you need to keep your makeup looking as good at 10pm as it did at 10am, and there’s really no better sprays for value than the ones made by Skindinavia. There are certainly a number of sprays on the market, but the benefits of Skindinavia sprays are that they keep the color of your makeup vibrant and they are super lightweight, meaning you won’t feel like you’re wearing primer and finishing spray all day.

The next issue mentioned was that you’re out in the heat and sun all day (barring those days you decide to be cultured and spend the day in a museum). For this – it should come as no surprise – you need sunscreen. But why bring just your average drugstore sunscreen when you could bring one that does a double duty – why not try a moisturizing sunscreen?The Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer by First Aid Beauty is a two-in-one product that also has a very light feel, meaning you can skip packing two bulky bottles of sunscreen and moisturizer and just pack one sleek bottle that excels at both jobs.

When the day is done and you’re back at the hotel, you don’t want to fuss over your nightly routine, so it’s best to pack a product that will remove your makeup and hydrate your skin. The Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil from Caudalie is a bona fide multi-tasking machine, removing the most stubborn eye makeups while cleansing and refreshing your skin, getting you to bed sooner so you can get your full eight hours.

And then you wake up and saunter over to the shower. Don’t trust those free bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner, as they’re very often full of chemicals and other cheap materials that can damage your hair. It’s better, before you leave, to fill a small travel bottle with your favourite shampoo, and bring along a dry shampoo just in case (sometimes you don’t have time for a shower – it happens!).

Now that you’ve got all your beauty products out of the way, all you have left to do is dream about what you’re going to eat and drink – can a person survive on wine and ice cream for two weeks? Bon voyage!