Perks and Drawback of Powerful Parenting

Parenting involves guidance to the social, emotional, physical, and behavioral development of a child. Powerful parenting emphasizes the highly-effective strategies of parenting in order to get excellence in behavior management of the child. Holding a newborn may fascinate the parents initially, but it involves a long series of responsibilities and challenges of the developmental period from infancy to adulthood. Therefore, powerful parenting has a long list of pros and cons that affect a child’s behavior either positively or negatively. Here, we will provide you with narrative writing of some very common perks and drawbacks of some powerful parenting:

Authoritative Parenting

One of the parenting styles of powerful parenting is “Authoritative style”. Such parenting somehow manages to develop the balance between too lenient and too strict.


Children raised under authoritative style are confident, empowered and their emotional understanding is encouraged. This powerful parenting style promotes respect, independence, and flexibility among children.


The strict rules and regulations in authoritative parenting tend to make children isolated. Such strict commanding parents unintentionally devoid the child of their happiness and joy. Such parenting not only throws a child into the pit of loneliness but it also has the tendency to develop rebelliousness in children.

Too much-involved parenting

This is another type of powerful parenting where parents get too much involved in child’s life whether it is related to his emotional, social, or even academic problems. Such type of parenting loads a child with a number of positive and negative aspects.


Studies have shown that kids with parents’ involvement in school-based activities show better grades as compared to those raised under uninvolved parenting. Along with better grades, there is remarkable progress in attendance, social behavior, and functioning of the child.


Getting too much involved in the child’s academic procedures, we see most of the time the teachers are not comfortable with such an attitude. Teachers only focus to satisfy such parents instead of truly focusing on solving their child’s real issues. Moreover, such children are too much distracted by the presence of their parents; causing a lack of focus or behavior problems.

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is a powerful parenting in which all rules and regulations are set by parents only without the consent of their children. In this parenting, only the parents decide their child timetable, interests, subjects to choose, setting a room, and even what clothes to wear. The children are never told why they are raised with such strict rules. Such dominating and commanding parents create a lot of positive and negative behaviors in their children.


Such children tend to follow rules all their lives and pass this legacy to their children as well. They are goal-oriented as they are taught to plan their goal from the very start of their school.


The children raised under powerful parenting of authoritarian parents are not free thinkers. Ever since the child regained his conscious, they are given strict instructions from their parents, to spend their lives accordingly. They are strictly forbidden not budge an inch from such setup. Such an imposed lifestyle tends to develop lower self-esteem and a deep-rooted animosity against their parents and society. They are deeply pressured by being not decisive in their personality.

Too much friendly parenting

This powerful parenting has been appreciated widely due to its positive effects on the child’s personality. In the past, we see that there was a very serious and unfriendly relationship between parents and children. Those children used to hide everything from their parents leading to disastrous results as the cost of child sexual abuse. Today, when technology has not hidden anything from children, therefore being a friendly and cordial relationship between a child and the parents is quite inevitable. Such a relationship has the following perks and drawbacks in a child’s life:


The child enjoys the essence of life with strong confidence, positivity, free-minded. They can easily live independently. They are good at making decisions. As their friendly parents had been very good listeners, trustworthy, therefore their children do not hesitate to share any secrets with them.


Though being friendly is escorted with a number of positive aspects but it has few drawbacks along. A child gets over-confident about his personality. He is not taught to listen to others thus this trait leads others to get irritated by him. People avoid making friends with him. Another drawback is that he gets involved in the superiority complex which is the same devastating as being over-confident.

To conclude, we can say that such powerful parenting appears to be very satisfactory for the parents but it brings your child under the quest of everlasting personality disorder. Thus, there needs to be a balanced relationship between the child and his parents to obtain the future goals of your child.