Prenatal Yoga: The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant Moms

Once your pregnant, you begin to notice all of these changes that your body goes through. Things like indigestion and back pain can prove to be a nuisance throughout your entire pregnancy.

Little did you know that yoga can prove to be extremely beneficial for expecting mothers. In this article, we are going to tell you the best yoga poses for pregnant women to work into their daily routine.

Continue reading for these particular yoga poses.

Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Yoga is a practice that teaches people how to control their breathing as well as becoming centered and grounded within themselves. Most that engage in the practice find that not only does it work on mental and spiritual strength, but it also aids in strengthening the body as well.

This strength is vital and helpful to women that will need the power to make it through the changes their body is going through pregnancy and have an easy labor.

Ankle to Knee Poses

The fantastic part about doing the ankle to knee pose is that it helps to stretch the hips. Another benefit is that it helps to relieve back pain that comes from carrying your unborn child by opening your back muscles, including the glutes.

Forward Bend

This is another pose we recommend when you’re trying to find relief from back pain. And we must admit it feels pretty good to let your stomach hang without having all of the weight on your back.

When doing the forward bend, focus on your breathing and relaxing into the pose. It’s optional to sway from side to side, but the motion helps to relieve trapped tension in the back.

Wide-Knee Children’s Pose

When performing this pose, focus on relaxing and allowing your body to restore itself. This pose is beneficial because you’re given a chance to rest your belly on the mat and stretch your hip flexors in preparation for labor.

As your belly continues to grow, you’ll likely find this is one of your go-to poses.

Legs on the Wall

If you’ve found that your experiencing swelling in your legs and feet during pregnancy, this pose is for you; this pose will allow you to elevate your feet, reducing the swelling in your legs.

However, as pregnancy continues lying on your back will become uncomfortable; therefore, we recommend lying on a pillow of some sort so that you’re not flat on your back.

Easy Pose

The last pose we are going to talk about should be done at the end of your practice. It helps to open up the back and hips, but the purpose of the pose is to thank your body for what it’s doing.

It’s also an opportunity for you to become one with your body and take the time to feel your baby in the womb. It’s essential that your instructor has a yoga teacher certification to ensure that you and your child remain safe during the practice.

Let’s Practice

When yoga poses for pregnant women are used, you’ll find that it can help make the labor process less intensive. This is because your body has continually been stretched and kept flexible for the journey ahead.

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