Replacing Missing Teeth – Various Treatment Possibilities

Tooth loss alters the way your mouth looks and functions. When a tooth is missing, it can cause various issues, from gum disease to serious dental decay to a hereditary disorder. Your teeth might become misaligned and suffer from other issues resulting from a missing tooth.

Often, the significance of your teeth is not understood until they are lost, and teeth, regrettably, do not remain indefinitely. Tooth loss may have a detrimental influence on your oral health and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a variety of good choices available to replace your lost tooth or teeth by a dentist near me, such as:

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace one or more lost teeth in the same arch, regardless of whether they are close to one another. In general, they’re thought of as the most excellent alternative for folks who don’t have dense enough bone or healthy gums to support dental implants. In cases when natural teeth are not robust enough to support a permanent bridge, partial dentures may be an alternative.

The dentures have a gum-colored acrylic foundation reinforced with a cobalt chrome metal framework. You can remove certain partial dentures easily since they are attached to the patient’s natural teeth using metal clasps.

Fixed Bridge

Dental-supported fixed bridges replace lost teeth similarly to partial dentures. The healthy teeth adjacent to the space left by the lost tooth are filed down, and the dentist near me subsequently places dental crowns. The prosthetic tooth is held in place by these crowns linked to the replacement teeth. Crowns are bonded to the teeth with cement.

Patients with medical issues that might impede the healing process and increase the risk of implant failure can consider tooth-supported fixed bridges as an alternative to dental implant surgery if they wish to replace a lost tooth swiftly. Compared to dental implants, dental bridges may be finished in a few weeks, which might take months to complete.

Dental Implants

Due to their resemblance to natural teeth, they have become the most popular method of replacing one or more missing teeth. On the other hand, surgery is required, and for this reason, some people opt out.

The lost tooth is replaced by screwing an artificial one onto a titanium post that has been bonded to the patient’s jaw. In contrast to dentures and bridges, titanium posts act as tooth roots and encourage bone development, allowing patients to retain their facial structure after tooth loss. Dentist implants are the most expensive and long-lasting treatment option by far.

Removable Complete Denture

Complete dentures can be intrusive and need numerous sessions to the dentist, depending on how many teeth you have. In contrast to a detachable partial denture, which replaces only a portion of the missing teeth, a full removable denture replaces all of the missing teeth. They may look and operate like your natural teeth, but a full removable denture isn’t something you should wear all the time.

Final Thoughts

There is no better way to guarantee that you receive the precise treatment you require for missing teeth replacement than to speak with a dentist near me about each of the choices listed above. They will give you the best solution based on what suits your tooth best based on the number of teeth lost and the condition of the remaining teeth.