Safety Tips for Garage Door Installation

A garage door keeps burglars out of your garage and provides protection against the elements. Therefore, it must be installed professionally so that it can serve its purpose for as long as possible.

While a garage door provides impressive benefits, it could prove dangerous if it’s installed incorrectly or low quality garage door components are used. This is why it is always a good idea to work with a professional garage door company with sufficient industry experience. 

Let’s walk you through some of the safety tips observed by garage door companies to ensure safe installation of garage doors.

  1. Tamper-resistant brackets

Brackets keep the garage door system intact and connected to the garage wall. Without these components, you would have parts of your garage door breaking and falling all over the place. Brackets can cause serious injury if you don’t handle them properly, because they are under extreme tension when the door is closed. That’s why it’s important to install tamper-resistant brackets for safety purposes.  

  1. Garage door springs

Garage door springs work together with openers to ensure that your garage door opens and closes properly. Reliable garage door springs come with containment cables that run through the center of the springs. These cables prevent broken parts of the garage door from being propelled around if the spring breaks. When you are installing a garage door, make sure the garage door springs incorporate containment cables for safety purposes. Besides, the springs must be corrosion-resistant and come with a warranty.

If your garage door seems to be off track or crooked, that’s an indicator that the garage door spring is broken and you need to call a garage door company to help you with garage door repair in St Louis.

  1. Infrared motion sensor

A motion sensor uses passive infrared motion sensing technology to automatically stop the door when it senses an object in its path. This feature is incorporated into garage doors to prevent injuries. After installation, garage door technicians must test this feature to ensure it works properly.  

  1. Emergency manual release

This is a rope that hangs down from a garage door’s trolley and moves with the door along the rail. This feature comes in handy when there’s a power outage or if someone is trapped. Garage door installers must ensure this feature works properly before they leave. You should also test it regularly to ensure it works. 

Contact Bob’s Advance Garage Doors for Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation and garage door repair in Sandy Springs are jobs that should be left to a reliable garage door company like Bob’s Advance Garage Doors. You should never install or repair a garage door yourself unless you have previous experience, because doing so comes with many risks. 

At Bob’s Advance Garage Doors, we specialize in the installation of different types of garage doors in homes and businesses. We also provide garage door repair in Sandy Springs and garage door repair in St Louis to help homeowners and businesses restore their garage doors to good working condition.

If you have an upcoming garage door installation project, contact us to learn more about how we can do a great job for you.