Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping Mistakes to Avoid

If your home is not connected to the municipal sewer line, it means you have a septic system on the premises for waste management. While a septic system is an efficient alternative, it requires regular maintenance to remain in optimal condition throughout its lifespan. Failing to provide the care it needs can cause costly damages and repairs, which is never a good thing when dealing with toxic waste. Septic Blue can help you avoid future problems by conducting routine inspections to detect trivial signs of deterioration before it gets out of hand. If in any case, you need septic pumping in Duluth, there are a bunch of highly skilled professionals to choose from. You just need to do your research so that you don’t end up hiring the wrong one. 

There are many ways you can improve the performance and durability of your system, but the most effective is scheduling regular Septic Pumping with a professional. We leverage innovative equipment to enhance the quality of maintenance, eliminating any guesswork that can compromise the overall function of your septic system. Here are common mistakes to avoid during septic pumping and cleaning.

Failing to Pump the Septic Tank Regularly

While your waste management system can run for years without visible deterioration, it doesn’t mean it is in tip-top condition. Regular maintenance checks by a septic service help you avoid problems like drainfield failure and other costly repairs caused by an accumulation of solid waste in the tank. Septic pumping should be scheduled annually to ensure minor problems don’t grow and become more pronounced. The last thing you want is a clogged sewer line, resulting in backup and leaks in your home.

Frequent Septic Pumping and Cleaning

Routine maintenance is crucial for a healthy septic system, but pumping your tank too frequently is not advisable. Although some septic pumping contractors recommend you pump annually, or after two years, this is a general rule that doesn’t apply to all situations. We consider critical factors like capacity, usage, size, and age to determine the proper pumping and cleaning schedule. Steer clear of inexperienced technicians who recommend a septic cleaning schedule without inspecting your system to avoid losing money in the long run.

Septic Pumping to Fix a Failing or logged Drainfield

When you see stagnant water around the drainfield, your system has a clog or malfunction. Septic cleaning and pumping are not always the solution, as this will only provide a few days or weeks of respite. We can help you determine the severity of damage in your wastewater disposal and recommend the best solution without compromising function and safety. Although septic pumping is an ideal solution in most situations, the drain field is the exception.

Pumping Before Professional Inspection or Testing

If you have a home inspection scheduled, it is common to take extreme measures to ensure the municipal inspector finds no discrepancies. However, pumping your septic tank before an inspection prevents the inspector from pushing wastewater into the drain field to determine if everything is up to code. You can hire a septic service to inspect your effluent disposal before the official inspection to ensure everything is in top-notch condition.

Contact us at Septic Blue to learn more about septic maintenance and mistakes to avoid during pumping and cleaning. Please schedule a consultation with our septic experts and enjoy quality services at competitive market rates.