Should You Pick a Midwife Over Your OB-Gyn?

The first time you see those two lines on a pregnancy test stick, it’s time to make decisions. How you are going to save all the money? Who is going to be the OB-Gyn? And the best places to stock up on all the baby stuff. Perhaps the most important decision parents have to make is choosing between a midwife and an OB-Gyn.

Doctors perform deliveries in hospitals while midwives arrive at your doorstep and turn your home into a makeshift birthing center. Midwives are also more available as they visit the family multiple times before the big day and thus bonding with the mother. Hospitals, on the other hand, are more equipped to handle emergencies that may occur during childbirth. 

Advantages of Doctors Over Midwives

When it comes to childbirth, most people still choose hospitals and doctors instead of midwives of home births. There is no denying that being in the hospitals provides more confidence as you know they are equipped to handle emergencies. The following are a couple of advantages of choosing a delivery performed by a doctor as opposed to home births. 

Doctors Are Prepared to Handle Emergencies: The biggest reason why doctors are preferred over midwives is that they are qualified to perform emergency procedures such as vacuum births, C-sections, and forceps deliveries. Midwives are neither qualified nor legally allowed to perform these procedures. This means if there is a complication during a particular home birth, midwives usually rush the mom to the nearest hospital. 

Doctors Have More Experience and Knowledge: When it comes to childbirth and the knowledge of medicine, doctors are more qualified. This helps the would-be mother feel more confident about the entire setup.

Advantages of Midwives Over Doctors

If your delivery is uncomplicated and natural, then there is no beating the personal care and experience of a qualified midwife. They prepare your home, they support you and coach you through the delivery,  and they eliminate the need for rushing to a hospital. Midwives are also quite experienced, especially if you hire them through a reputed service provider such as Hearth and Home Midwifery. The following are 6 advantages midwives have over doctors.

They Are Less Likely to Do Anything Risky: As mentioned earlier, midwives are not legally allowed to perform procedures such as forceps and vacuum deliveries. This can be a blessing in disguise. A lot of injuries to the mom and the infant happen due to these emergency procedures. For instance, Erb’s palsy is a lifelong condition of partial disability of the arm that happens to infant and that occurs primarily due to forceps deliveries. 

Midwives Remain Available and Provide Personalized Attention: If you are looking for a friendly advisor who will stay long hours before and after the pregnancy, then there is no beating a qualified midwife. Apart from providing assistance during childbirth, midwives remain available and answer questions and provide helpful tips and services.

They Are Open to Take Your Preference and Comfort into Consideration: Midwives are almost always more flexible and they take your inputs very seriously. Whether you want a water birth or want your baby delivered in a particular room, they are always ready to accommodate. Midwives also create an atmosphere where you feel empowered. They also pay extra visits as per your request before and after the delivery.

They Provide Essential Services After the Delivery: Right from placenta encapsulation to providing infant care facilities, midwives stick around after the birth to provide assistance and guidance to the new mom. Having assisted many births, they know how to solve commonly arising problems and offer helpful advice to make the parents feel more confident.

They Are Easily Accessible: Doctors have hectic lives. So much so, that they often remain unavailable. It’s not uncommon for doctors to leave for out-of-town conferences and seminars. This means if you need your OB-Gyn to provide advice and assistance, he or she might not be available. Midwives, on the other hand, remain available and make house calls on requests.

They Are More Affordable: One of the main reasons why people often choose home births performed by  midwives is because they are cheaper than hospital births. While a home birth can cost around $3,000 a hospital childbirth can easily fetch a bill of over $10,000.

What Happens If Things Go Wrong?

Most experienced midwives often call ahead to inform the hospital that a pregnant patient is being transferred. They also follow an emergency protocol to swiftly transport the patient to a hospital if things do go wrong.