Experiencing love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Some people spend lifetimes searching for their soul mate, while others have her right before their eyes and lose them in a heartbeat. A handful of these lucky lovers get to have their emotions reciprocated from the other end. Those who do, share that they feel like they’ve conquered the world and to lose their better half would be like having their soul ripped apart from the body. But let’s not go over the subject of losing love, shall we?

Guys who get to know the true meaning and pure essence of love can value their partners deservingly. They adore everything quirky and witty about their girl’s personality. Technically speaking, it isn’t too hard for them to find innocence in her tantrums, see the love behind her anger, and notice an odd touch of elegance in her blatant mannerisms. In a nutshell, they are head over heels for the love of their life, and there’s no curing them. At times, you can easily misunderstand the motives behind their over-protective attitude and the desire to look out for you. But even that doesn’t stop them from picking the thorns out of your flowers. And honestly, no girl deserves anything less from the guy of their dreams.

Unfortunately, you can’t take out the mundane elements from relationships that are well seated in people’s minds. Gifts, surprises, and presents are all as necessary for a healthy relationship as love itself. If it isn’t the girl that wants displays of affection in the form of expensive items and settings, then the guys do it from their end to exhibit how much they love them. As a result of it, birthdays become even more special than they already were. Whatever the reasons may be, the case rests with the outcome that people like to show how much their love means to them. And to achieve it, they go out of their way to find the most unique and distinctive gifts for their birthdays. But there are only so many options from which you get to choose.

However, here are six unique gift ideas that might help you decide what to get for her birthday.


The go-to idea of a birthday gift for any guy to get her girl is of jewelry. It offers a diverse variety of options, it hardly goes out of fashion, and it suits every girl. Besides, the best part about getting jewelry items is that you can adjust the costs according to your budget. Gold is more coveted, but you can easily find equally beautiful silver earrings or necklaces by searching online. Put them together with a bunch of flowers and chocolates, and there you have it, a perfect gift for your girl.


The most attractive parts of a relationship are the many adventures and wild experiences that you get to have. They can be from your dates, parties, or just some random family functions where you invite your love to join you. An incredible gift idea for your girl would be time-capsules of lively incidents at these functions that you both can cherish when you are old.

Or, you can give her a date jar with all kinds of dates that you want to have with her. She gets to choose one every year on her birthday until you are out of years to live.


The lady of your life might not be too conscious of how she looks, but it falls onto you to never let a makeup malfunction spoil her night. A handy cosmetic kit for her birthday is a great option. You can pull her out of an embarrassing situation even when you are not there. Also, take the liberty of throwing in a stain removal pen along with all those cosmetic essentials. That way, she can even handle wine spills and maintain her charming posture.


Only you know the many habits that your girl has. One of them could be over-sensitive care of hygiene that people around her fail to practice. You can expect her rubbing restaurant cutlery items or trying to avoid touching trolley handles and doorknobs. If she does this, then do her the favor of getting a hygiene kit on her birthday. It can include rubber gloves, face wipes, face masks, deodorants, alcohol wipes, and everything else that she could ask for to keep up with her habits.


The world turns out to be a darker place as time goes by, and it is hard to ensure the safety of your loved ones. If your girl feels the same but thinks that she is no match for a man, then you need to change this mindset. Encourage her to be self-confident and teach her how to take care of herself. Remind her that she’s no less than a man in any way. Enroll her in a self-defense course and get her a safety manual to study. If the need arises, keep a pepper spray in her bag to fend off the bad guys. Rest assured, she will be more independent than she thought in no time.


The best gifts are those that keep you connected through time and space. It can be a photo frame, couple mugs, or a playlist that you think suits your relationship. These items may seem insignificant, but they are timeless. And no, they are not only for the movies. So this birthday, try and do something that makes you guys eternal.


These were the six most unique ideas that you can put to good use. You may find some of these old schools, and some not good enough to make it to the list, but that’s what keeps everything in balance. A complete mixture of every element to makes your love life a success.