Support if Your Child Has Braces

If your child is going to join the millions of children around the World and get some braces on their teeth as part of their early orthodontic treatment  then you are about to go through quite a tough moment with them. The key thing to remember as a parent is that they will of course get used to the metal braces and also that braces for children are there in order to give your child a perfect smile in the future. The key to getting through this with your child is to remember that it is the transition that is going to be difficult for your child and in turn, for you. In order to best help your child get through this, here are some of the ways in which you can help your child get through the first few months.


Throughout the first few weeks your child will be experiencing some pain as the teeth begin to move, during this time it is important that you focus on giving them soft and liquid foods. Soups are great for this and so too are milkshakes, the only downside with these types of meals are that they are not always very filling. I found myself giving my son plenty of porridge for breakfast and at nightime as well as thickened soups which were packed with vegetables and then placed through a blender. Your child may not love their new diet but they need to keep it up for a few weeks at the beginning.

Sporting Action?

Just because your child has braces does not mean that it is the end to their fun, games and sports. Naturally they will need to take it easy in the first few weeks but after that they can enjoy the sports that they love, so long as they wear a protective mouth guard. A jolt to the mouth could result in the teeth getting dragged or worse still, the braces coming loose.

Keep Them Encouraged

It’s important that you keep reminding your child of what they are doing and why they are doing it. Kids struggle to think about the future but if you get a picture of a grown up with horrible teeth and then a picture of someone with a  perfect smile then this can really help to keep them encouraged. Scare tactics aren’t usually my thing but it really worked on this occasion.

Defense Against Bullies

Like it or not, children bully each other and call each other names and the second that your child gets some metal in their mouth, the bullies could come circling. It is important that you teach your child the merits of walking away, this is one of the best defenses against any name-callers and one which will serve your child well in the future. You should teach your child to tell their teacher should theme calling persist and that they should never create a fight with children, regardless of what they are saying.