Supporting your kids through schooling

Starting at school and performing all the way through the system can be a real challenge for some children. But achieving in the classroom and during exams helps to set them on their future path. As parents, there’s lots you can do to support your son or daughter through their schooling, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Choosing the right school

Many parents want their kids to go the best school possible, one that’s going to give them the best chance to flourish and achieve. That’s why it’s important that, right from the start, you do your homework about the educational facilities on offer. Find out about the ethos of the school, its ratings and performance, any specialisms, and what it can offer your child. If you’re looking for an Episcopal school, check out Jackson MS Christian school.

Take your time to look around, to meet the staff and to see the facilities. It’s important both you and your son or daughter feel comfortable with their place of study – and put trust in it to deliver high educational standards.

Classroom v. homework

It goes without saying that your children should be attending all their lessons, listening to their teachers and completing work to the best of their ability in the classroom.

Of course, they will also be regularly bringing work out to do at home. You should be thinking about how you can support your children with this. They should have a quiet place to study in the house, for example, with no distractions.

You should also be getting involved in their homework, finding out about the tasks that have been set and providing any assistance you can – for example buying in art materials and so on. Make yourself approachable and supportive, so that your son or daughter doesn’t feel alone in their studies. You can make a real difference by encouraging them.

Helping at exam-time

For many, exams are a daunting prospect. They can present all sorts of worries, anxieties and frustrations; as a parent you can support your children through them – helping them to achieve the best grades possible to reflect their real abilities. After all, their performances will ultimately go towards determining their final grades, future career and jobs prospects.

Encourage your children to plan their revision time for exams, coming up with a diary or schedule. This could be pinned up on the refrigerator, so that you can all see – to help keep on track.

A study plan will help keep your young ones disciplined, and focused on their study goals and deadlines. Of course, this schedule isn’t only about study time, it’s also about factoring in some relaxation and leisure time – to keep things in balance.