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Teacher Talk: Why Reasoning Apps for Children are Essential

Reasoning apps and games are all the rage right now in early education. And for good reason (pun intended), reasoning skills are behind literally every essential cognitive skills from reading to writing to mathematics and everything inbetween.

So what is reasoning?

Reasoning is the way in which we are able to gather and sort through information to come to a logical conclusion. The process of reasoning can be described as collecting evidence, finding patterns, and creating a hypothesis or theory to explain what you see, then finally drawing a conclusion from this process of collection and interpretation. For toddlers, reasoning is at an all time high because they are gathering and seeking to understand the world at an incredible rate.

Because reasoning is so important for toddlers, it’s no wonder technology has put a focus on creating the best reasoning apps for children. Most reasoning apps are either logical reasoning apps, which involves deductive reasoning (if this then that) and verbal reasoning apps, which involves constructive thinking.

The Best Verbal and Logical Reasoning Apps

The best verbal reasoning apps and logical reasoning apps for children involve simplicity and repetition; look for reasoning apps that have pattern building and organization skills in both word and shape form. Puzzles, matching, and music making are three great examples of reasoning games. The simplicity and repetition allows toddlers and young children to learn reasoning skills slowly and many times without noticing; even if it appears overly repetitious to adults.

Teachers are encouraging parents to use reasoning apps for children at home because it’s a fun way to practice reasoning skills that are directly transferable in the classroom. Children who use reasoning apps at home can have a much easier time applying reasoning into their school lessons as well, even if the reasoning game is not directly related the lesson being taught.

Reasoning skills are just like a muscle, the more you exercise them and in different ways, the stronger they become. Reasoning apps for kids are a great new way to approach and teach these foundational learning skills for toddlers and kids of all ages.

Reasoning apps