The Many Signs That You Need To Hit The Refresh Button – Learn More About Detox

The lifestyles we lead are changing our bodies. In search of convenience and hedonistic pleasures, we have compromised our health in the long run. Whether it is food high on instant taste cravings or the lack of exercise in our daily routine, we are loading up our body with unwanted agents that are gradually slowing us down and causing us discomfort. If you think that you are not 100 percent, you may be in line for a detox to help clean up and refresh.

Microbes Infection In Your Body

Your body may be under stress for many reasons. It could be an accumulation of toxins and external chemicals in your system that is impairing normal bodily functioning. Then there are different microbes – bacteria and yeast – that decide to take residence in your body and add to your health woes.

One of these is Candida, a yeast infection that can result from the use of certain prescription drugs (birth control, antibiotics).  Alcohol and a very high sugar diet can also encourage the growth of Candida in your body. You can learn more about this condition and how to combat it at This useful article will be your ally in fighting the condition.

When Do I Need a Detox?

There are certain experiences, both physical and mental, that indicate that the body is not in its prime form. These symptoms are a result of collective factors that do not necessarily point at one root cause – in most cases, it is a build-up of many things. Here are some common signs that you may need a detox.

Fatigue And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Are you never up for an evening out after a day’s work? Do you feel like your body has no energy and even sleep has stopped making a difference? General fatigue happens at varying degrees and is not a condition in itself but it is a sign that your body has not been able to function cohesively.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a serious disorder where a person’s fatigue cannot be attributed to any medical condition. It is a debilitating disorder to live with because even physical rest cannot reduce the constant fatigue levels. Some of the other symptoms include headaches, enlargement of lymph nodes, and lack of concentration and memory power.

A detox might be recommended for those with fatigue or CFS symptoms as it refreshes the core functions of the body, giving the organs like the liver and digestive system much needed rest. Think of it as a refresh button.

Physical Pain

If you tend to suffer from stomach cramps and abdominal pain for no specific reason, it is also a manifestation of your body groaning under the pressure of its normal functions. Abdominal pain can also manifest in a dysfunctioning digestive system. Irregular bowel movements (either too many or too less) can add to your discomfort throughout the day. Some other physical symptoms that you may be experiencing generally include nausea and a bloated feeling (too much gas). Apart from abdominal issues, you may also be experiencing arthritis-like symptoms – pains in the joints and muscles despite not indulging in any physical activity.

High Anxiety And Blood Pressure

Anxiety is something that will cripple you in so many ways. Whether it is work-related dynamics or social life, it can stop you from making the best of a situation. Anxiety also has a more physical impact with several symptoms, some of which can be rather intense. Muscle tension and headaches are associated with intense anxiety. Anxiety will also have a detrimental effect on your sleep routine as the physical symptoms make it impossible for your body to relax.

Dermatological Issues

A tired body shows itself in the skin and the hair of a person. If you are noticing that your skin is suffering – rashes, dehydrated texture, wrinkled and loose skin – then it is a sign of internal problems. A quick look at the mirror will show the bags accumulating under your eyes. The same goes with your hair – if it is starting to look listless and dry and you are experiencing more hair fall, it means your body is not able to process enough nutrients to take care of the peripheral systems.

What Does A Detox Do?

There are many detox systems or products that are available online and at the nearest health store. Nowadays, you can choose detox formulas that are infused with BioActive Carbons, agents which help in the restoration of your body functioning.

The main purpose of any detox system is to flush out the bad elements that have been polluting your body internally – be they dangerous toxins or disease-causing parasites and microbes.

Detox is aimed at purifying the blood by making it go through a cleansing process. Your body already has its detoxification mechanisms. The most important organs involved include the liver, the kidneys, lungs, skin, and the lymphatic system. The negative symptoms mentioned in the short list above are a result of these important organs and systems not being able to function properly.

A good detox system gives these crucial parts of your body much-needed rest because it will involve a change in diet. The liver will also be stimulated gradually to resume its function of processing toxins and there will be a lot of elimination of the bad agents via your digestive movements, kidney functioning, and sweat.

Find Yourself Again

The results of a good detox are going to make you feel alive again. With higher energy levels and a healthier routine, you will enjoy a mental and emotional lift. There are many habits that you should also inculcate into your life to ensure that you do not slide back. Be more alert with what you put on your plate. Organic vegetables and meat are recommended to reduce the absorption of residual chemicals. Take it easy when you are at the bar and drinks lots of water. Have a positive mindset and embrace new exercise routines and sports.

Regain your zest for life and create the happy moments that you deserve. Consider a detox system now.