Things to Consider When Renting Bedroom Staging Furniture

Staged homes comprising tastefully selected rental furniture enables potential buyers to visualise living there. Thoughtfully chosen bedroom staging furniture lends the space a welcoming feel. You better your chances at securing a swift and profitable deal when you stage your property to reflect a homely vibe.

Considering you intend to sell your property and not a furnished home, motivating a lead to invest becomes essential. Interested parties comprehend the full potential of your space when you strategically place impactful furnishings and stage every room in a warm and relatable manner.

Rent Bedroom Furniture for Staging

The type of bedroom furniture you select should add value to the space without making it too personal. Equip the bedrooms with essential furniture pieces like beds, dressers, and bedside tables if the room can comfortably accommodate a seating area and lounge chairs.

Bedrooms that depict a calming and relaxing space look more appealing to prospective buyers.

Listed below are essential aspects to consider when renting furniture to stage bedrooms:

Furniture Rental Store Selection

A furniture rental store comprising professional stylists will have the ideal pieces for each section of your property. Moreover, their experienced representatives can advise you on which bedroom pieces to rent to create the most favourable impact.

Professional stores deliver the furniture and arrange for collection once the sale is through. Opt for a store conveniently located from the property you are listing when delivery charges are in addition to the rental figure. From online reviews, you can assess the reputation of the furniture rental service provider and evaluate their style quotient.

Shade of Furniture

Stage a bedroom to draw attention to its functionality rather than the furniture positioned within. You can opt for furniture in neutral shades that offer practical comfort instead of garish pieces that look out of place.  

Soft neutral hues appeal to all genders and are ideal for shared bedroom spaces. These provide a calming influence and contribute to replicating that restful setting associated with bedrooms. Monochromatic colour schemes create an expansive illusion, especially when space is a constraint.

Minimal Furniture for Maximum Effect

Bulky and inessential furniture pieces scattered around only create an obstacle course and block traffic flow. Instead, you should provide potential buyers with sufficient room to navigate your bedroom without bumping into furniture.

Leave adequate space around beds and in front of closets and dressers. Rent elegantly stylish statement pieces and position your rented furniture strategically around the bedroom to create a balanced effect.

Matching Furniture with the Dominant Bedroom Style

The furniture you rent to stage your bedroom should gel with the dominant style prevalent in this section of your listed property. Select pieces consistent with the overall theme you wish to depict to your target audience, whether rustic or contemporary.

Delivering a consistent look through this staging exercise has a more powerful impact on a potential buyer. It convinces them that the property they view perfectly fits their requirements.

Rely on a furniture hiring platform that offers unparalleled services and a premium range of stylish pieces which you can rent for the short or long-term.