Top 4 Items to Feel Comfortable in Your Home as a Senior 

One may not often realize but for the elderly, carrying out day-to-day tasks can be quite challenging. With time, our bones tend to get weaker and the muscles lose their flexibility and strength. This can impact one’s balance and coordination abilities. So, if you have a senior at home, there are a few things that you should incorporate to make them feel comfortable and help them carry out all the basic tasks with utmost ease. Let us have a look:

Install Support Bars

Mobility and agility issues might worsen with time. So, it is better to invest in some support bars that will help you walk around the room without anyone’s help. Getting support bars can help you be a little more independent which can help evoke confidence as well. Be sure that you place these bars at strategic locations so that you can access all parts of your home with ease. You can also consult Toronto home care for seniors as they will help you get a better idea as to where these installations should be made.

Ensure Proper Lighting

As people age, their visibility also tends to get poor with time. This makes it extremely important for you to ensure that your home is well-lit. This will make sure that the senior members are able to navigate easily and avoid falling or getting hit by any furniture pieces. You can get two-way switches installed in some of the commonly used areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. Also, you should get some reading lights in the bedroom or by the study table. One should also consider investing in night lights, especially on the way to the bathroom. This is something that will not only increase the safety of the person but will also offer comfort.

An Organized Furniture Layout

It is important to maintain a clutter-free home, especially if you have seniors to look after. While it will help them roam around the rooms and have easy access to each spot, it will also help you in looking after the elderly in a better manner. You can also consider investing in new furniture pieces that do not take up a lot of space. Usually, the ones with rounded edges are preferred as they reduce the risk of injury. If you are looking for some durable and safe options, you can learn more here.

Get Anti-Skid Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is usually the most accident-prone area in a home. Since the floor is slippery most of the time, elderly people might find it difficult to maintain their balance. So, it is recommended that you should consider getting anti-skid tiles installed that will help improve your balance and walk in the bathroom with ease. Other than this, there should also be a clear separation between wet and dry areas which can prevent accidents.

Whether you are assisting the elderly at an NGO such as Momentum Solutions or looking after a loved one at home, these tips will help you take proper care of them while also making them feel comfortable.