Upgrade Your Home In 5 Simple Steps

There comes a time when you’ll look around your home and notice everything that is wrong with it. You’ll get the urge to consider a whole new refurb, however, the issue is that you aren’t sure where to start, what to upgrade, and how much all of this will cost.

Determine the key problem areas you’d like to address, and research ways to update them. Consider a budget; don’t over complicate the process, and think of ways to enhance without spending a lot of money. Start small and build upon your improvements. See how to upgrade your home in five simple steps.

Bathroom Vanities

You spend a lot of time in your bathrooms, so it makes sense you’d want to give them a facelift. Scope out each bathroom and take a good look at the vanity. Carefully evaluate the faucet, sink, countertop and cabinets. Decide whether you want to replace the entire unit or a few pieces of the structure. This change will instantly improve the overall look of your bathrooms. Alternatively, simply giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint can work wonders.


Lighting can be easily overlooked and forgotten, however, there are many ways lighting can enrich and change the whole ambiance of a room. From the kitchen and bathroom, to the living and dining room, installing a new light fixture can greatly enhance your home. Pick out lighting that’ll make a statement, such as Hubbardton Forge. You want elegant, well-lit lighting that’s striking and of good quality.


A fresh coat of paint is the perfect solution to drab rooms. Pick a weekend to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Select from a variety of paint colors that have the ability to illuminate and transform a space. You’ll be pleased with how easy the project is and how the paint converts a tired and worn out room into a lively and bright home.

Cabinet Hardware

If you don’t want to replace your entire cabinets, simply update the hardware. Head to the store and pick out handles that give your home a modern look and feel. There are different styles and colors for you to choose from, so switch out your hardware where it matters most. This budget-friendly upgrade for bathrooms and kitchens can make a huge impact without breaking the bank.

New Carpet

Vacuum and clean your carpet before deciding whether you need to rip it out and replace the whole lot. If it’s been in your home awhile and you can’t seem to get it clean, these are good signs that it’s ready to be replaced. However, when replacing carpet, pay attention to the room as a whole. You want to brighten up your room, and so it’s best to steer clear of dark hues or patterns that may look dizzy. It’ll feel good to tear it out and install a new, soft carpet under your feet.

Alternatively, if you pull up your carpet and find salvageable wooden floorboards, consider sanding and treating them instead. Lay a Persian rug upon your newly polished wooden flooring and see a complete transformation.


Don’t panic when you realize your home is getting outdated. Step back and evaluate the situation and consider various ways to make updates without breaking the bank. This is how to upgrade your home in five simple steps.