Want To Complain About Poor Medical Care Of Your Child? Here’s How

Did you know medical malpractice or errors are one of the top reasons for death in the US? According to the reports of the Medical Malpractice Center, every year, nearly 15,000 to 19,000 lawsuits are filed against doctors or health care providers in the US. However, the number of fatally injured people due to medical error is around 225,000. Yes, you read it right!

What’s even more shocking is that out of all the claims filed, only a few succeed in getting rightful compensation. Whatever reason health institutes or doctors may give, it can not justify negligence on their part. It is their duty to take care of the patient and provide them with the best possible service.

If your child is sick, the doctors and nurses must do everything in their power to help improve your child’s health. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The loss you suffer due to their lack of duty of care is significant. That’s why as a parent, you must file a complaint or lawsuit about the poor medical care of your child. Here’s how:

Understand The Common Medical Errors

To file the lawsuit, you must first learn about common types of medical errors that the hospital or its staff have conducted. It will help you file the complaint on a factual basis and collect relevant evidence to make your case strong. As per reports, the following are the common medical malpractices:

  • Failure to diagnose; nearly 33% of the cases are related to this.
  • Surgical errors; account for 24% of the claims.
  • Improper treatment; led to 14% of the cases.
  • Medication errors involved 9% of the claims.

Apart from this, other medical errors include lack of informed consent, improper monitoring, injuries (signs of violence), and adverse reaction to anesthesia.

What To Do If You Notice Signs Of Poor Medical Treatment?

The victim or victim’s family can take the following step in a medical malpractice case leading to severe injury or wrongful death:

  • Get In Touch With An Attorney: If the poor medical care has severely affected your child’s health or resulted in an unfortunate event such as wrongful death, you must sue them. You should contact a wrongful death attorney and learn about the steps that you can take to get justice. Obviously, it will not help you recover from the devastating loss you have experienced. Still, it is important to recover monetary damage from the pain, suffering, mental and emotional anguish, and whatnot. It will also encourage other people like you to get justice.
  • Consult The Hospital Social Worker: You must also talk with the hospital or clinic authorities about the same. Make sure to be very specific about the issue and learn how they can help resolve it. Get in contact with the hospital social worker to identify the source of the issue and resolve the problem. They can also help you with the necessary paperwork related to your kid’s health.
  • Complaint Against Infection: You can make a complaint with the Joint Commission if your kid happens to contract an infection while in the hospital or if they are facing trouble acquiring the proper medication. This organization certifies the safety and security practices of many US hospitals and investigates complaints against patients’ rights. However, the commission has no authority over medical treatment or how a hospital may charge you for the treatment.

Should You Consider Settlement Or Go For Trail?

It is a significant dilemma for many parents or victims of wrongful death. Many people believe that there is no point in claiming compensation as they have suffered a devastating and unbearable loss. On the other hand, some people wish to fight for the rights of their loved ones.

According to reports, only 5% of the cases generally end in a verdict, and the rest 95% are settled out of court.

It is generally the personal preference of every family. Nevertheless, having a qualified and trusted attorney by your side can help you negotiate out-of-court settlements. Depending on the severity of your case and strength, an attorney can help decide the best action plan or options available for you. So, it would be best if you got in touch with an attorney, regardless of how you wish to file or proceed with the complaint.

Final Verdict: Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Justice

Whether your child got sick due to poor medical care or the hospital failed to diagnose the disease, you must fight for what’s right. Get in touch with hospital authorities, lawyers, and even police to file the case and resolve the issue.