Ways of Helping Your Food Taste Its Best

Since the beginning of human kind, the giving and sharing of food has always brought people together. The sharing of food can grow friendships and relationships, show appreciation for life, settle disputes, and celebrate the greatest achievements of life. In order to have the envisioned end result of the perfectly prepared meal, there are ways of helping food tasting its best.

Wash Hands for Better Tasting Food

One way to help food taste its best is to wash your hands with water that comes from the filtered and clean water. Water that comes from these systems is purer than regular tap water. This is because the tap water goes through the filtering process and then onto your hands. Cleaning your hands with purer water will result in food tasting its best because your hands are being cleaned with filtered water and not tap water that has potential minerals, sediments, chemicals, and waste in it.

Filtered Water is the Best Water

One way to help is to put your water through water treatment systems. Tap water alone can include lead, chlorine, chloramines, mercury, volatile organic compounds, pharmaceutics, herbicides, pesticides, cysts, methyl tertiary butyl ether. Lead is a toxic metal that can cause bad health even with a small exposure. This long list of contaminants consists of toxic metals, strong oxidants, disinfectants that when paired with chlorine can cause cancer in lab testing, liquid metals, gases, synthetic chemicals, substances that are toxic to plants which can affect hormonal levels and reproductive organs, substance used to kill insects or other living things harmful to plants or animals, microbial parasites, and a component of gasoline. All of these contaminants could potentially be present in our tap water. In order for our water to be filtered, clean, and tasting fresh, one should purchase or install on of these systems. These systems could be as simple as attaching a small on to your kitchen sink or a water pitcher. Additionally, the system could be as extensive as installing a much larger one underneath your sink or wherever your major water lines are.

Better Knife Better Food

A third way to help food taste its best is to have a good-quality knife to ensure food is prepared properly. A chef’s or French knife is one of the most versatile and essential knives to have in your kitchen. The lengths of the blade fluctuate in size but the most common is eight inches long. The blade itself varies in terms on being thin closer to the point of it and a wider in the back. The multipurpose knife can be used to dice, chop, and slice pretty much anything. Having this kind of knife will ensure that the food you eat will be better prepared and trimmed properly. The second most popular know is a paring knife. A paring knife is mainly used for pairing and trimming fruits and vegetables. The blade of the knife is between two to four inches long.

A Little Spice Goes a Long Way

A fourth way to help food taste its best is to add spices and or flavoring. Food that grows in the ground can have a very earthy or dirt-like taste to it. In some cases, the food will have a faint earthy taste even after it is washed properly. In order for the food, mainly vegetables in this example, spices should be added in order for it to taste its best. Spices such as garlic, parsley, ginger, cumin, oregano, basil, thyme, chervil, rosemary, tarragon, dill, lemongrass, curry and coriander go very well with vegetables. Also, cloves, cinnamon, and and nutmeg enhance the flavor of vegetables. The addition of mushrooms and chopped nuts not only bring extra flavor to vegetables but nutrition as well. Herb flavored vinegars, oils, and marinades can be purchased at any grocery store. These vinegars, oils, and marinades can be used when grilling meat, fish, or vegetables as well as salads. If this long list seems daunting, you can start off simple with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and fruit juices are a great place to start and can transform any meat or vegetable to help the food taste its best.

Wrapping It All Up

Washing your hands will eliminate any dirt or germs on your hand that will not spread to your food. Someone who has filters in your home will dramatically increase the quality and taste of your now filtered water. Having a good quality knife allows food to be prepared properly. The addition of spices to meat and vegetables can really transform the taste of your food. Washing your hands, purchasing filter systems, having a good-quality knife or two, and adding spices and or flavoring are all excellent examples of ways to help food taste its best.