What Are the Top 5 Modern Day Stressors?

Since the beginning of the human race, humans have been facing stressors. As time goes on, the main stressors they face can change. This depends on numerous factors from the resources we currently have, to the information or solutions we currently lack, to the current state of the world.

So, what are the common sources of stress in modern day times, you might wonder? We have the answers.

1. Work

Work has always been a thing, but it hasn’t been as structured in the past as it has now. Not only must we go to work several days a week for several hours, but we are expected to follow a set of rules and do a good job. Otherwise, we can get punished or even fired, and that’s not something we can afford to do in modern day society.

The pressure of potentially losing our job, having already lost a job, or struggling to find a job can be daunting. On top of that, some people face stress directly related to their job, like the job duties they must do or dealing with a difficult boss/co-worker.

2. Technology

Technology has helped us in thousands of ways and keeps us connected with others. However, it also acts as a source of stress. Having technology always at our fingertips can be overstimulating, keep us awake late at night, create privacy issues, and push us further from the people and things directly around us as we absorb ourselves into our devices.

Not to mention, there’s always the chance of unintentionally coming across a triggering video, seeing something from an ex you didn’t want to see on social media, or frequently reading unsettling news articles. These can have a negative effect on our mental health.

3. Finances

Nothing comes for free, which is why we have to work to live. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with great finances. Throw children, a house, and the like into the picture, and we might quickly find ourselves in a financial mess. Whether one is living paycheck to paycheck, trying to find a source of income, or struggling with debt, they each face their own set of financial woes.

4. Parenting

Humans have been parenting since forever. While our early ancestors primarily worried about protecting their young against the harsh elements of Earth and from predators, we have our own set of worries in modern times.

Some of the biggest modern day stressors for parents include post-partum body insecurities, change in work life and/or finances, or feeling overscheduled due to children’s many activities from soccer practice to homework help.

5. Relationships

Being in a relationship is great until it’s not. The latter situations like having a baby, dealing with job or money issues, or struggling with finances can all have an impact on our intimate relationships. And with the addition of technology all around us, this is yet another common modern day issue relationships face in the form of digital cheating.

Are you experiencing one or more of these modern day stressors? Stressors like these can truly have a negative impact on our mental health and overall functioning in life. Getting help from a mental health and substance abuse professional is perhaps the most appropriate solution in these situations.


From too much technology exposure to parenting troubles, these are some of the many common modern day stressors. While the latter things are not problems on their own, when they do experience obstacles, these can be stress- and anxiety-inducing. The next best step is to work through each of these issues in a healthy manner.