What Baby Essentials Can Help Keep Your Baby Safe At Night

Babies need a great deal of sleep to facilitate the rapid development of the infant years. Making sure that your baby sleeps soundly and safely each time is essential for their physical and mental well-being. Conditions like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS and other hazards present a rare but serious potential risk to your child. Taking the necessary steps to keep your baby safe at night can help you to avoid these disturbing scenarios.

The best practices for ensuring the safety of your sleeping baby are well-established. The biggest thing to remember is to avoid situations where your baby’s breathing could be obstructed by having their nose or mouth covered or having your baby overly constricted where their neck might be pressed against a hard surface. Having some baby essentials on hand will also aid in providing for your baby’s well-being.

To provide you with some specific pieces of advice, let’s look at what baby essentials and practices can help keep your baby safe at night.

Proper Positioning

Make sure to put your baby to sleep on their back. Young infants will likely remain in this position throughout the night, though as your baby grows and becomes increasingly mobile, they will likely roll around. Do not let this concern you, however, as once your child can roll around they will be able to free themselves from any positions that interfere with their breathing.

Putting your baby to sleep on a firm surface is best for ensuring a safe sleep. Bulky blankets and pillows in a baby’s crib, as well as stuffed animals, all present a hazard and should be avoided.

Using a fitted sheet for your baby’s bed is also important for ensuring that it does not become displaced during the night. Bunched up bedding presents a potential breathing hazard for very young babies.

Set The Stage

Keep a warm and comfortable temperature in your baby’s room to ensure that they are not disturbed by an overly hot or cold environment. An inappropriate temperature in the room will increase the chances that your baby will wake up during their sleep leading to a disturbance of your sleep as well. Beyond that, it is important to remember that babies cannot regulate their internal temperature as effectively as adults. As the person responsible for your baby, make sure that they sleep in an environment that will not disturb their natural equilibrium temperature.

It is commonly advised that you share a room with your very young baby but be sure not to share a bed. Having them in the room with you will allow you to respond to their needs throughout the night. Providing them with their own crib will ensure that they are not disturbed or crushed throughout the night as well.

Use Your Common Sense

While medical professionals are uncertain about the true cause of SIDS, it is best for your baby’s health to avoid smoking in or near their sleeping environment. Some evidence suggests that residual smoke from cigarettes may be linked to SIDS. Beyond that, however, it is not good for your newborn baby’s lungs to be exposed to second-hand smoke. If you are a new parent, then consider giving up the habit to ensure that you will be around for many years to come to care for your child.

Safe Sleep For A Happy And Healthy Baby

Taking these measures to ensure that your baby is safe at every sleep time will allow them to develop in a healthy way. It will also allow you to rest assured that your baby is secure while you take some time to sleep as well.