What Is the Best Formula for Gassy Babies?

Did you know that is it normal for a baby to pass gas up to more than 20 times a day?

With immature digestive systems and learning how to manage their drinking rhythm, it is no wonder they have gas problems. 

If you want to help make your little one more comfortable and less irritable, you might want to think about changing their formula. 

Read on to learn about the best formula for gassy babies depending on your budget and baby’s sensitivities! 


If you want the best formula for gassy babies, you should try Enfamil Neuro Pro.

The Enfamil Neuro Pro Gentlease formula helps calm your baby’s stomach within 24 hours. This can decrease fussiness and discomfort, making everyone’s life calmer. the proteins that are used in the formula make for easy digestion and there isn’t any lactose! 


Bobbie organic infant formula is a great option if you want something with milk and no chemicals. 

This type of formula models breastmilk, which makes it easier to digest. Although there is still dairy in the formula, it is helpful to relieve gas because it doesn’t contain DHA, palm oil, or corn syrup. 

If you are wondering, can you reheat formula after the baby started a bottle, you should start with a fresh one. Organic baby formulas are still just as likely to grow bacteria and absorb plastic particles from a bottle. 


If you are looking for a plant-based formula for gassy babies, Simply Plant-Based is recommended.

This formula was developed as a choice for babies with sensitive stomachs and dairy sensitivities. There aren’t any artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors, making it even healthier! 

Simply Plant-Based formula is primarily made with soy. The lack of dairy prevents gas from happening in your baby’s tummy. 

Best for the Budget 

Figuring out how to choose a baby formula that is good for their tummies and your wallet can be tough. 

If you need a formula that isn’t too expensive, you should try Similac Total Comfort. This formula is made with hydrolyzed whey protein, which is easier on a child’s stomach than milk. Babies with lactose sensitivities and colic have benefited from drinking this choice. 

Most Effective

If you want to help your baby with gas and need results quickly, you should try Similac Pro-Total Comfort.

Most people notice that their child is less fussy, gassy, and upset within 24 hours of changing to this formula. Pro-Total Comfort is made with prebiotics naturally found in breast milk. Since this formula resembles breastmilk, it is perfect for newborns and baby’s with sensitive stomachs. 

The best part about this formula is that it hasn’t been included in the recall that recently came out. 

Give Your Child the Best Formula for Gassy Babies 

Finding the best formula for gassy babies can be challenging when there are so many options to choose from.

By thinking about your child’s sensitivities, your budget, and your lifestyle, you can find the best choice. Pay attention to your baby’s responses when they are eating a new formula and watch for spit-up while they are adjusting.

Switching formulas might help solve you’re baby’s discomfort and get them back into their smiley selves. 

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