What To Know About Removing A Tree

Removing a tree may not sound like a task cut out for most of the nature-loving people. And removing a tree from your backyard can be a painful experience for many people because they have provided us with the comfort & mother natures bounty over the years. But sometimes removing a tree becomes a necessity so that it doesn’t pose a risk to the property and the people. 

Reasons to remove a tree.

There can be many reasons for removing a tree some of them given below:

The tree is dead: One of the primary reasons for tree removal is if it’s already gone and poses a risk of falling. In this case, the dead trunk is taking up space, and there is no choice but to remove it.

The tree is unhealthy: Many times fungus or other decay can happen to a tree which can affect the people around it. These fungi can adversely affect healthy children and even adults. 

Tree not growing properly: A tree can develop a defect due to soil or surrounding factors because of which its growth is affected. After some time, there is no other way but to remove a tree.

Tree pose a threat: A tree in your property can always pose a threat to the nearby infrastructure. Once it is clear that in future property damage will occur the owner of the land has no choice but to remove that tree.

Tree removed for development work: A growing population always needs development work like roads & sidewalks. Even at the individual level, you may want to improve on your residence by building a new guest house or bedroom. This infrastructural development will require space for which removal to the tree may be necessary.

The tree is damaged: Sometimes due to a storm or lightning strike, a tree is damaged beyond repair. This damaged tree again poses a threat of damaging property or falling on people. Removal of the tree becomes a necessity in such a case.

How to remove a tree?

Now we are back to our original question on how to remove a tree. The basics of removing a tree are to cut down the trunk of the tree. You can use a chainsaw, or if you are good at physical work, you can do it the old way. The main concern while tree cutting is that the tree should not fall in any unwanted direction. If such an incident happens, a property may get damaged, or somebody may get injured.

You may have to get permission from your city authority for cutting down a tree. As rules wary from places to places make sure that you have discussed with the city authorities about your plan of removing a tree.

While cutting down the trunk of the tree, you must plan very carefully on where the tree branches will fall & clear that area of any person & valuable items. After careful planning, you can go ahead with cutting down the tree trunk, which is an easy task if you have a chainsaw.

Once the tree trunk is down, most of the work left is cleaning the leaves and branches. The only significant task now left is to remove the tree stump, which is the lowest part of the tree with the roots. Since the roots of the tree are dug deep inside the soil, it’s difficult to remove it just by applying force.

How to remove the stump?

Cut the roots: Cut the origins of the tree stump that are visible to you using a saw or axe. Since these visible roots are the more significant roots of the tree, cutting them down will make it easier to remove the tree trunk.

Dig around the stump: Once the tree roots are cut, you can now start to dig around the tree stump to make sure that the grip of the remaining roots on the soil loosens. You make the encounter a few roots deep in the ground during this process which you must cut down using the axe.

Pull out the stump: Since all the roots are now cut its easy to remove the stump now. You can manually try to remove the stump or hire a small crane to remove the stump depending on the size of the tree.

In case you are trying to manually remove the stump using a shovel to dig below the stump and apply force.

Now you can be sure that the tree removed will not pose any threat to the surrounding area.

Should I hire a professional or do it myself?

This decision completely differs from person to person. If you have some experience in removing a tree, you can do it yourself. But, it is always advisable to hire a professional Tree Removal in Markham who will remove a tree in the safest way possible.