Why Alkaline Water Deserves To Be On Your Wellness Wishlist

If you are a wellness enthusiast, you will probably know about the latest trends in the self-care landscape. You may have even tried a few, such as aromatherapy, herbal massages, wearables, outdoor trips, and more. But alkaline water is among the newest buzzwords in healthy-living circles.  The idea of achieving your health goals by drinking a “different kind” of water is incredible, but it actually works. Countless people have lots of good things to say about this wonder drink, and even some renowned celebrities are raving fans of this wellness aid.

Before understanding the immense benefits of alkaline water, you must know what it is and how it differs from the tap water you drink every day. Essentially, the pH range of tap water is 6 to 8, while the alkaline counterpart has a pH range above 7. This difference gives it the therapeutic properties it is acclaimed for. If you are still not sure about including alkaline water on your wellness wishlist this year, here are some convincing reasons to do it.

Mineral content

Before knowing the specific health benefits of alkaline water, you must understand its mineral content in the first place. Since this healing drink is high in essential minerals, it can take you a step closer to healthy living. Here are the minerals that give it therapeutic properties:

  • Calcium promotes bone strength and improves the functioning of the heart, nerves, and muscles
  • Potassium is good for muscle function and digestion
  • Magnesium boosts metabolism by turning food into energy
  • Sodium regulates blood volume and pressure and supports nerve and muscle function

Better hydration

Good hydration is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and everyone knows the benefits of staying well hydrated. It keeps you high on energy, prevents bloating, and promotes digestion. While following the 8-10 glasses a day rule keeps your hydration levels on track, you can go the extra mile with alkaline water. It is also an excellent post-workout drink as it immediately makes up for the loss of sweat and fluids during exercise. You can save yourself from the risk of dehydration in the hot weather or after strenuous physical activity.

High in antioxidants

Anyone prioritizing wellness will know the value of antioxidants. Think beyond fruits, vegetables, and supplements to increase your antioxidant intake. Alkaline water has antioxidant properties, making it ideal for preventing disease and aging. Antioxidants support the immune system, protecting you from all kinds of infections. They also boost skin rejuvenation and lubrication of joints and muscles. The magic drink can prevent the damage caused by harmful free radicals and keep you looking young and feeling healthy over the years.

Stronger bones

According to researchers, alkaline water has the potential to strengthen bones. Although research is still in the preliminary stage, the evidence is promising. A high level of acid in the body can weaken the bones over time. People who consume high levels of dietary potassium have stronger bones than those eating an acidic diet. They are also at a low risk of developing osteoporosis. Since alkaline water is also low on acid content, it can increase bone health markers. So it is a good addition to your wellness wishlist if you want to keep osteoporosis at bay during the later years.

Weight loss

Weight watchers always look for better ways to lose weight or maintain it after achieving their goals. But it is often daunting to stay off your favorite foods and follow your workout schedules day in and day out. Luckily, alkaline water can do wonders for your weight loss efforts. Typically, your body requires fat cells to defend itself from acid. Switching to the alkaline variant of drinking water means that the acid levels in your body come down. It means that your body no longer needs fat cells, so you can cut them from your diet without thinking twice. Good hydration is an additional weight loss benefit that comes with alkaline water.

Relief from acid reflux

The most evident benefit of the drink is that it offers effective and lasting relief from acid reflux. A pH of 8 goes a long way in neutralizing the acids in your stomach. As a result, it breaks down food easily and assimilates the necessary nutrients from your diet. Consider it a way to make the most from the food you eat with better digestion and assimilation. Not to mention, you are more comfortable without the acidic feeling in your stomach, food pipe, and digestive tract. The benefits do not end here because the pH of your blood reaches a healthy range.

Regulates blood pressure

Another good reason to integrate alkaline water into your self-care checklist is that it regulates your blood pressure. Good hydration improves blood circulation, which reduces the pressure on your heart and circulatory system. Moreover, it also contains minerals like sodium that promote oxygen distribution across the different organs of the body. Better circulation optimizes blood pressure, promotes cell growth, and boosts overall well-being. Some studies indicate that it can help with the levels of blood sugar and lipids as well, so it definitely deserves a  try.

Natural detoxification

People who go the extra mile for wellness profess the endless health benefits of detoxification. The purpose of detoxification is to eliminate the everyday chemicals and toxins from your body and restore a healthy state for it. Alkaline water can clean your colon and double up on the natural detoxification mechanism. The next time you do your monthly detox, use the alkaline variant rather than the regular tap water you always use. You will feel cleaner and healthier after the elimination process.

The immense benefits of alkaline water make it a good candidate for your wellness wishlist. The best thing about this magic drink is that it is safe and natural, so you can embrace it without thinking twice. Not surprisingly, the bandwagon is growing as more and more people are keen to explore this incredible self-care trend. Start today and drink your way to good health and longevity!