Why You Should Start Boxing

Boxing training has become on of the most popular fitness regimes today. In fact, many celebrities and models are choosing this mode of training as their preferred workout. Here are the top reasons why you too should start boxing to develop your character, skills and leadership,

Full-Body Workout

The general belief is that boxing is an upper-body workout. However, this is not true. Boxing training gives you a total body workout and helps sculpt all your muscles. So, when you are extending your arm to deliver a punch, you are using power from your legs and hips, and are also strengthening your core, back and shoulders in the process.

Improvement in Multiple Parameters

Boxing doesn’t just give you a full-body workout where you focus on your cardio and strength. It also improves your balance, agility, reactivity and hand-eye coordination. Which means that your overall fitness improves.

A boxing workout also helps improve your posture. As your core and back get stronger, your posture will start straightening out too.

Burn Calories Fast

The two main things that boxing training does is improve your resting heart rate and your muscular endurance. This means that your stamina increases and your heart rate goes down. What this does is help you in your other workouts.

If you do a boxing training session for just 30 minutes, you can easily burn 400 calories, which compares to any other intense cardio session such as cycling or even running.

Better Body Composition

The focus of a workout should not be to lose weight. It should be to improve your body composition. This means that you increase your muscle mass and reduce your fat mass. Weight loss should be a by-product of this goal.

And boxing is a great way to improve your muscle mass.

Stress Reliever

If you start boxing, you will be able to expel all your stress like never before! According to professional trainers, boxing training gives you more stress relief than any other workout there is. It will help you calm down faster than any other form of exercise.

Constant Learning Process

Boxing is such a discipline that you will never stop learning. While other fitness routines can end up becoming boring (because there isn’t left to learn), with boxing you have to constantly stay alert. There are so many techniques in boxing that it will take you a lifetime to learn them all.

The Downside of Boxing

This is a discipline that requires strength and endurance, but it isn’t for everyone. Because, at the end of the day, it is a contact sport, there are dangers associated with this type of a workout.

So, if you have arthritis or osteoarthritis of the hands, then the most you can do is shadow-boxing. If you make contact with a target, you could end up making your condition worse.

Added to that, since it is a cardio workout, you should avoid this form of exercise if you have a heart condition.

Those with medical conditions should first consult with their doctors before taking up boxing training.