10 Days To Better Essays – A Writing Challenge

Whether in college, your senior year, or doing your Ph.D., writing essays and research papers are not foreign concepts in academia. Therefore, you should always cultivate some time to improve your essay-writing skills.

You do not have to be an expert in wordplay to formulate a worthy essay. At the end of the day, one can use all the fancy words you can, but if you cannot spark interest in your professor, it is useless.

So, good writing skill is not just the elocution of your written words but also knowing what to write depending on your word limit. In this excerpt below, we will give you a ten-day challenge to improve your writing and get you out of your essay-writing anxiety.

Can You Improve Your Writing

Truth be told, yes, there are some people who are born with better wordsmith skills than others. Additionally, years of practice could make them more polished to the art. But that is where the keyword lies, “Practice.”

Suppose you know that essays and papers hold much credibility to your results, so why not invest some time in perfecting them? You need a strong plan and one to two hours in your day to start writing better essays.

Plus, all this could be done in a matter of ten days. So, to answer your question, YES, you can improve your writing.

10 Days To Better Essays

Here is your ten-day challenge to help you write better essays by the 11th day.

1. Day 1 – Start With Reading Your Favorite Essays

The only way to dive into the world of writing is through reading. You wouldn’t know how to write better essays when you do not know what a good essay looks like. Yes, you can always pick up a book, but read more papers if the target is essays.

This is because each writing style is different. Essays have a comparatively more formal approach than fiction, but they are definitely not boring, especially if you pick a deep-dive essay on your favorite topic.

This is a great way to understand the essay writing approach while enjoying the subject matter.

2. Day 2- Learn To Do Better Research

Now that you know the basics of how an essay looks, your day two is to understand the research work. Believe it or not, essay writing becomes much easier when you know your topic and the content you wish to write.

Students often dwindle with even a 1000-word essay because they do not have much to write about or do not know how to fodder for their topic.

Start by outlining what you wish to write, then begin with your introduction. Note what you want to add in your introduction excerpt, and research only that. Sometimes, research can be a little overwhelming, so sticking to a plan always helps.

3. Day 3 – Throw The Fear & Start Writing

The third would be to start practicing your essays. Finally, you have reached the day to put aside the writing anxiety and start typing. It can be tiresome if you are a novice or not that skilled. However, the key is to keep going, write whatever comes to your mind without considering editing, and not be too harsh with your self-criticism.

4. Day 4 – Pick Topics You Want To Write

Sit down and pick out topics that you would like to write about. Try to find something in every genre. Sometimes when you are trying to learn, the frustration or the monotony of the essay subject matter can be demotivating. This is why it is always better to practice your essay-writing skills when you aren’t bombarded with assignments.

5. Day 5 – Try To Read Aloud Your Writing

Yes, this might sound peculiar, but try reciting your essay as a speech. Oftentimes hearing your words can make a huge difference in comprehension. Upon hearing, you will be able to tell how well something is written because if the writing is not up to mark, you will be able to tell.

6. Day 6 – Take Help From Experts When Extra Knowledge Is Required

There is no weakness in accepting yours. That is, in fact, the first step to rectification is recognition. If reading essays or articles about improving your skills is not enough, reach out to the experts. Have first-hand experience in essay writing.

The experts at  Fresh Essays will be able to come to your aid when you need an essay to be professionally written. Now, once you have your copy, go through it, and when you have queries, reach out to the experts.

7. Day 7 – Work On Your Vocabulary Actively

Day seven should be dedicated only to learning your vocabulary. You can pick an easy or interesting topic, but with a lack of words to present, it will start sounding monotonous. Plus, vocabulary is not searching the Thesaurus for a better term. Rather learning which words would go where.

8. Day 8 – Venture Into Other Forms Of Writing

You can take a break for your eighth day and venture into lighter writing forms. This could be for testing your vocabulary skills.

Some other writing forms you could opt for are our stories, journals, and letters. They are certainly much more light-hearted than essays.

9. Day 9 – Make Others Read It

This task is most difficult for anyone with writing anxiety, but you cannot flourish without constructive criticism.

However, criticism has to be constructive and shouldn’t bring you down after all the effort. Give it to people whose judgment you trust.

10. Day 10 – Start Editing

Editing is not something you do right after you write something. Either you will find no mistakes or too many. Therefore, once you have given a considerable amount of time between your first draft and editing, you can point out errors better.

Editing and proofreading should be the last skill you hone. But nevertheless, they are important, and you should never skip that step.

Along with writing, it is practicing editing which can make you a better essay writer. With time, you will see that correcting the mistakes are no more a conscious thought, but a reflex.