2 Reasons Why Australian Gin is a Versatile Drink

The popularity of gin in Australia is booming, and many would probably agree. At present, there are 170 gin distilleries in the country compared to five years ago that there were more or less twenty. These numbers show that over the years, Australia’s gin consumption and exceptional growth has increased. Not only that, but Australian gin has also gained international awards. There is probably something unique in every Aussie gin that people cannot get over with.

If you go to the main cities in Australia and some regions, you can find many bars. People would often have a glass of martini or some popular cocktails where gin is the main spirit. But it is not only limited to that. The increase of distilleries in Australia also leads to a lot of new and exciting tasting experiences. Add to it the different and unique botanicals that you can find in the country. That makes everybody’s Aussie gin experience worthwhile.

Common Used Botanicals in Australian Gins

Gin distilleries in Australia do not limit themselves to only a few botanicals to use for their gins. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Lemon Myrtle

It is considered the queen of lemon herbs and is one of the most popular Australian native herbs. It has some tangy and lemony flavour.

Bunya Hut.

It is sometimes referred to as the wrong monkey puzzle tree and is native to south-eastern Queensland. Its raw nuts have a dry and crunchy texture. Its taste is similar to chestnut.

Kakadu Plum.

Its size is that of a grape and pear shape. The fruit is smooth, fleshy and yellow-green or reddish when ripe. It has a definite sour taste.

Strawberry Gum.

It is a common ingredient and a wonderful flavour enhancer for some desserts.  It tastes sweet and slightly acidic. It has shades of strawberry and passionfruit.

Bush Tomato.

It is a small desert plant that grows around 30 cm in height. It has a strong flavour like that of sun-dried tomato.


The roots and wood of this tree have highly concentrated sandalwood oil. It can be consumed raw or roasted and has a good aroma. Many would say that they taste like almond or more like hazelnut.

Finger Limes.

They are also known as citrus caviar. The outside of the skin is similar to a lime. It has a delicious aroma and offers a burst of citrus flavour.

Food to Pair with your Australian Gin

There is a lot of great food that you could consider pairing with your Australian gin. The first is cheese. Whether it be lightly smoked cheese, an aged gouda or blue cheese, and even blue cheese are all perfect accompaniment for gin. Next is the cucumber. You can have cucumber salad or other cucumber based dishes that would be perfect for your gin pairing. Cured or smoked salmon also pairs well with gin. Squeeze some citrus to give an additional boost to the flavour. Many would probably agree that salty and even spicy cured meats get on fantastically with gin that many have already tried, and many would love to try.

So you see how versatile Australian gin could be. It must be one of the most fashionable drinks that everybody loves and enjoys drinking in bars or home.