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4 Cool Gadgets That Will Help You and Your Dog Stay Active

stay active

As the proud parent of a pooch, you know how important your beloved dog is to you and your family. Much more than a mere pet, your fur baby is a cherished and valued member of your household and you would do anything to keep them healthy and happy.

One of the best things you can do for the physical and emotional health of your pup is make sure they are getting enough regular exercise. As a major bonus, putting on your walking shoes and joining Fido for brisk walks around the neighborhood is also great for your fitness levels.

Now, thanks to some pretty nifty technology, there are more ways than ever to help your precious pet get the exercise they need and deserve. In many cases, these devices will inspire you to get moving too. Check out these canine-friendly exercise gadgets:


If you have a fitness tracker, you already know the value of keeping tabs on your daily steps and workouts. Thanks to the FitBark, your dog can have their own fitness tracker device that will help you to keep them as healthy as possible. By seeing how much exercise your pooch is getting in a given day, the FitBark will help keep your pup as healthy as possible, and hopefully also lower your vet bills. In order to keep tabs on your dog and help you both reach daily fitness goals and monitor progress, you can get the FitBark app that will work on your smartphone; for example, the iPhone 6s can easily support the app.

Pet Cube

One of the hardest things about being a pet parent is that you often have to leave your dog behind to go to work. Unfortunately, some dogs keep themselves busy while you are gone with destructive habits like getting into the trash or chewing on the edge of the rug. To check in with your pup during the day and encourage them to exercise, invest in a Pet Cube. This handy device, which costs $199, lets you interact with your dog through its accompanying app; you can even play games with them by using a laser pointer. If you see your dog getting into something they shouldn’t, you can gently scold them from your work desk and then reassure them that you’ll be home soon.

Doggy Treadmill

On days when it’s too hot, cold or rainy to go out for a walk with your four-legged friend, you might still get your workout in on your home treadmill. Now, thanks to an innovative new doggy treadmill called DogTread, your pooch can also get his much-needed exercise. The DogTread is a fully functioning treadmill that comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. This way, whether you have a pint-sized Pomeranian or big Bernese Mountain Dog or something in between, everyone can enjoy an indoor walk. Set up your dog’s treadmill right by yours—you might be surprised at how quickly your pup learns to use it.

Automatic Ball Launcher

In a perfect world, you will exercise with your dog as often as possible. But some days, you might be too tired, battling a bad head cold or recovering from a sprained ankle. Or, if you have a dog who is obsessed with tennis balls, you may need a break from tossing a soggy ball for 20 minutes. In all of these cases, an automatic ball launcher is exactly the gadget you and your pooch need. The PetSafe Automatic Launcher from Amazon costs around $150 and can launch a ball between 8 and 30 feet—its nine distance and six angle settings allow you to safely set it up inside your home.