4 Family-Friendly Hikes Around Phoenix, Arizona

It’s a Saturday morning and you’re looking for something to do as a family in Phoenix, Arizona. Why not get out and enjoy the Arizona sun? 

There are plenty of family-friendly hikes around Phoenix that only take a couple of hours to complete and are great for kids. Not only will you get to breathe some fresh air and some exercise, but your kids can release some of that built up energy. 

Whether you’re visiting Phoenix or moving to the city with the help of Black Tie Moving, you’ll definitely want to keep these family-friendly hikes on your radar. 

Hidden Valley Trail 

This quick trail only takes two hours to complete. While the first mile can be a bit challenging, we suggest taking older children on this family-friendly trail on a weekend morning. 

Hidden Valley Trail is quite a popular trail for bird watching and biking. You’ll surely run into fellow nature lovers while strolling along this trail with your family. 

Since there are many trails that intersect Hidden Valley Trail, you’ll want to make sure you stay on the trail so you don’t get lost or stuck on a more difficult trail. 

Dixie Mountain Loop Trail

The best thing about a loop trail is that you get to see new sights almost the entire duration of your hike. Taking just over two hours to complete, you’ll surely enjoy the nature this trail has to offer. 

Don’t be surprised if you find horses coming up behind you. This year-round trail allows horseback riding, a great surprise for your young ones. 

North Mountain

For families with little children who are still in strollers, North Mountain has a paved trail that is perfect and easy to navigate with wheels. It’s a perfect place for a nice, relaxing stroll with the family on a beautiful day. 

There is the North Mountain visitor center where you can stop for information or to use the restroom before hitting the trail. 

Dreamy Draw Nature Trail 

This moderate trail almost in the center of Phoenix is a family favorite. While it is a short one and a half miles long, it is considered to be a moderate level trail. So, we don’t suggest bringing very young children with you for this hike. 

This loop trail will gift you with gorgeous views of Piestewa Peak and the Sonoran Desert. It’s ideal for early morning walks before a busy day of work, chores, or spending the day with family.