5 Most Important Rooms to Stage when Selling a House

Staging your home properly will directly affect how fast you can sell a home and how much you can ask for it. However, not all rooms are equally important in this process. So, instead of wasting time and possibly money staging rooms where it doesn’t matter, we’ll tell you the five most important rooms to stage when choosing to Sell My House for Cash Aurora CO. We’ll also provide tips on how to stage these rooms with the greatest effect at the lowest price and least effort.

The Living Room

This room is a natural gathering point for everyone in the home, and it is where we generally entertain guests. This room should be staged so that it welcomes the potential home buyers and makes them envision themselves living here.

Any distraction will cost you. The carpets need to be cleaned or even replaced since every discoloration is a strike against your home. Remove stacks of books, toys, figurines and any other knick-knacks. Too much of your stuff makes it hard for buyers to imagine their items in this home. Remove your family photos, too, since that interferes with the visualization process.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is another area where everyone likes to congregate. For this reason alone, the kitchen needs to be staged as well. Ensure that counters and floors are clean. The sheer number of appliances in the room also leads to far greater scrutiny compared to the attention a dining area or playroom would receive.

People are going to check out the state of the appliances, especially anything that you’re going to leave behind as part of the sale. Staging the kitchen thus starts with ensuring the appliances are in working order and presentable.

Don’t forget the little details such as the kitchen faucet not leaking and verifying that the garbage disposal works without spewing residue all over the place. You should consider thinning the contents of the pantry so that it seems to have more space. Get cracked tiles fixed, while a worn linoleum floor may need to be replaced.

You can take steps to make the kitchen more inviting. A bowl of fruit is attractive and welcoming. The smell of freshly baked bread is inviting. And you’ll win extra points for putting out cookies that the visitors can enjoy.

The Master Bedroom

Since homebuyers will spend at least a third of their time in this room, expect it to be scrutinized. Buyers are looking for a bedroom that feels relaxing and inviting. They’ll also be checking a number of features in this space since it matters so much to them.

You’ll want to check on mechanical issues like making certain the closet doors work and the shelving isn’t going to fall down. You need to clear out your clutter from the closet so they don’t walk away thinking the master closets are too small. If possible, don’t use more than a third of the closet space. Keep the floor clear, as well.

Also, take care to remove a lot of your clutter from around the master bedroom. Extra furniture aside from the bed and dressers needs to go. Pick up clothes from the floor and ensure that the closet or laundry hamper doesn’t smell bad. The stack of books on the floor by the night table needs to go.

Ideally, the room is painted in neutral or calm colors. If you don’t have the time or budget, ensure that the bedding has neutral or calm colors. Pull back the blinds to let natural light in. Conversely, you’ll also need to make sure all the lights work, and all the cobwebs and dust are gone.

The bed itself needs to look good. Invest in some nice bamboo sheets. Clean new sheets like these already make the bed look newer and the space more refreshed. Then there’s the fact that no one will be allergic to them, while new sheets made from bamboo could be selected to resemble those from a hotel. Don’t forget to make the bed, too, any time you leave the room. An attractive bed in neutral colors could make or break the room regardless of the rest of the décor.

The Dining Room

The dining room is another major congregation point in the home, though it isn’t as important as the living room and kitchen. One major issue here is making sure the dining room is comfortable. Don’t have a pile of chairs in the back corner or a cluttered desk crammed in next to the dining room table.

Make sure the lights work, including lights in the chandelier if you have one. Clean the table and make certain you clear out any signs of dust. You can add ambiance to the room by having a lovely centerpiece or flowers on the dining room table.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are another room that people scrutinize because they’re used so often. First and foremost, the room needs to be clean and neat. Make sure it smells fresh and make sure that you clean it thoroughly, as any signs of uncleanliness will leave a lasting impression.

The second step is removing all the clutter. Remove toiletries and personal products if you can’t hide them in the medicine cabinet. The toddler’s bath toys and health aids need to disappear.

Another issue is functionality. The toilet should flush easily with the press of a lever and without any strange noises. The faucets and shower should work without leaking. And any DIY projects in the bathroom like makeshift handles need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Note that this advice should apply to both the master bathroom and any other bathrooms in the house.


Home staging is a science and a great alternative to costly renovation. If you’re on a limited budget, concentrate more time on these rooms, but keep the rest of your home clean and in good working order too. Then you’ve set the stage for selling your home quickly and at a good price.]

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