5 Organizations That Are Turning Kids Into Entrepreneurs

It has always been a priority for parents to teach their children how to be successful when they reach adulthood. Finding the best programs to teach these skills can be a great benefit to ensure success. Becoming an entrepreneur or at least learning the skills to do so is a great way to give kids a boost toward their goals. These five organizations provide opportunities for kids to learn necessary skills.

Junior Achievement

Since 1956, high schools in utah have offered teens and young adults the opportunity to join Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is a program that students can join where they learn valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization that offers this education for K-12 children. This program helps children gain financial literacy and prepares them for work in the real world. Members of this program learn entrepreneurship through hands-on activities with the help of volunteers within the community.  

Youth About Business

Youth About Business is a program geared towards children 10-18 years of age. It comprises several components that teach members the skills needed to be successful in business. The year-round leadership development program offers various lessons and meetings to help kids understand the business world and gain the leadership skills needed to succeed.

This program also offers summer camps, Wall Street Conferences, and a business camp that gives children the opportunity to visit Wall Street for a week. During these dedicated programs, kids learn to work within groups and are given goal-oriented tasks to gain hands-on experience in the business world.

Venture Lab

Venture Lab is a program that offers a curriculum that is tailored to first through twelfth graders. This program provides a curriculum that can be used within the classroom, at home, or in after-school programs. The program offers lesson plans and a focus on teaching the other components of entrepreneurship.

Venture Lab also provides other tools to help children learn the skills for success. From programs designed specifically for Girl Scouts to the Spark Mentorship Program, Venture Lab strives to give children the tools they need to become successful entrepreneurs.


INCubatoredu is a program offered by Uncharted Learning. This program provides students in tenth to twelfth grade the opportunity to experience a curriculum that will give them the skills and mindset needed to be successful entrepreneurs.

The program is part of a learning process and plan for students to build a real business. The students first learn how to look at problems and develop solutions for those problems. Idea exploration begins to determine a good product or service as the solution. The students even make a pitch to get funding for their business.


LaunchX offers summer programs that give high school students intense, interactive training in becoming an entrepreneur. Students from all over the world meet at some of the best universities in the country. The students live in the dorms and experience coursework and sessions in real university classrooms.

During these four-week programs, students will be immersed in the world of business. They will gain access to lectures and conferences by experienced entrepreneurs. They will also have the chance to create and run a real company.

These programs provide students with an edge that cannot receive in a standard classroom. They offer skills and tools that will ensure their success after high school and beyond.