5 Rodent Control Techniques

Rodents co-exist with humans. As the number of people multiply and areas becoming more commercialized, these rodents find their way to thrive. In this article, we will be dealing with commensal rodents. The three types of commensal rodents are the “House Mouse”, the “Norway Rat” and the “Roof Rat”. All three have one thing in common, they love to share food with you. These rodents carry harmful bacteria that cause diseases when they contaminate our food. They tend to multiple so fast if the environment is right for them. 

Necessary steps have to be made to control their existence in our homes, such as traps, and poisons, or, in serious cases, calling in professional pest control services like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/ for a thorough clear out. If left uncontrolled, they pose a great danger to your family’s health, not to mention the damage that these pests do to our properties. 

Here are 5 techniques you could do for rodent control to keep rats from infesting your homes.

Remove Their Comfortable Living Conditions

Rodents, like humans, need food, water and shelter to survive. If all three conditions are present in your home, most likely the rodents find it welcoming that they stay there for good. To get rid of the rodents, you must first remove their comfortable habitat. Eliminate sources of food by making sure all food containers are rodent-proof. Rodent-proofing of food means you keep them at least on cases that rodents cannot bite through. Food cabinets must be sealed and has no tiny gaps where rodents can sneak in. 

Trapping and Baiting

Given that you had distorted their living conditions; these rodents would tend to move from place to place to find another food source. This is the good chance to bait and trap them. Don’t use those harmful rat poisons to lure them. It would just create another problem once these rodents eat the poison bait and eventually die. You’ll never know where they’ll run after ingesting the poison. And once they die, the only trace is the smell of decomposing rodent either from your ceiling or walls which are difficult to get through. Better use the commercial rodent trap cages. Once trapped, endorse these rodents to the nearest pest control in Barrie for treatment.

Ultrasound and Electromagnetic Devices

Rodents have a sense of hearing in the ultrasonic range. There are a number of Ultrasonic and Electronic devices in the market that could help get rid of rodents. The high frequency sound that is emitted from such devices, tends to cause disturbance to the rodents. In some cases, these devices could kill the rodent.

Chemical Repellents

Not only does these rodents have an ultrasonic hearing, they also have a strong sense of smell. In such sense, chemical repellents could be an effective way to get rid of them. There are commercial chemical repellents available in the market. Most of them have peppermint as an ingredient. Rodents don’t like the smell of peppermint that’s why they tend to move away from it.

Introduce a Natural Enemy

Probably the most obvious solution is to introduce a natural enemy of the rodents. Having cats around could be the simplest means to sway the rats away from your property.

There are a lot of techniques that you could do to control these rodents from infesting your home. We got a lot of great info from Mighty Men Pest Control, but it’s still up to you. Choose what’s best for you, considering your budget and your capability to perform such techniques. In the end, what matters is you protect your family and your property from these pests.