5 Themes for Your Kids Birthday Party

So you’re planning your kids birthday party. Happy birthday and good luck. These things can be a whole lot of work. To make your job easier we highly recommend choosing a fun theme. Not only does this help you tailor the party to your kid’s personality but it also helps make all the little choices you’re going to make easier. If you want to up the ante and make your kid’s birthday more special for him and his friends, give them a loot bag they’ll never forget. Curate candies, toys, and little tokens to add in a loot bag. If you opt to make homemade treats, you can place the sweets in food-safe flexible packaging so they can stay fresh and lengthen their shelf life.  What will the cake be? What about entertainment? Should you hire a jumping castle? There are all kinds of questions to ask and when you have a theme these choices get that much easier.

To that end, we’ve put together 5 great and general themes to help you get started.

  1. Princesses– If you have a little girl, you’ll know exactly what a princess party theme means. Lots of colour, music and Disney references. You can create this atmosphere easily using custom inflatable decorations, such as inflatable castles, arches, enchanted carriages, and a princess throne. With their bright colors and playful designs, custom inflatables will help turn any space into a fairy tale wonderland for a princess-themed celebration and will delight both kids and adults. Luckily there isn’t too much in terms of licencing to worry about, lots of places have themed items these days, this company even hires princess-themed jumping castles (among many other themes). Just remember if you hire a pony, someone is going to have to clean up after it.
  2. Super Heros– There are more superhero-themed things out there than you can shake a cape at. If your child loves to dress up and run around saving the world this is a great theme. Once your child and all their mates are running around dressed up as their favourite heroes remember to take some photos. In fact, setting up some photo station with props can be fun for the kids and their parents.
  3. Pirates– It’s funny how time changes things, once a violent scourge of the high seas now reduced to delightful characters fit for a child’s birthday. The romantic old notions of adventure on a tall sailing ship and hunting for buried treasure make for great fun and games as well as oh so many fun voices to do. Probably the easiest theme to make a goody bag out of, chocolate gold coins and eyepatches all around.
  4. Sci-Fi– All things futuristic and aliens themed can be the way to go here. From Star Wars to NASA a sci-fi themed kids party offers all sorts of things to explore. For decorations think about using lots of different flashing lights Since so many kids these days love and understand technology a sci-fi theme is perfect for your little gadget enthusiast.
  5. Cars, Train and Anything That Moves– If you’ve got a child already asking when they can get their driver’s licence then this theme might be right for you. There are tons of popular examples of popular brands for smaller kids, things like Thomas the Tank Engine or Pixar’s Cars movies. For older kids, a trip to the go-cart track might be the best way to do it.

Bonus Kids’ Birthday Party Theme

Does your child’s birthday fall in the winter month? Throw an ice-skating party for your little one to go with the season. Ice skating is incredibly fun, and kids are sure to love playing on the ice. For this kind of party, you also have to invite the children’s parents so there are more adults to keep an eye out on the kids and avoid accidents. Prepare picnic food, such as sandwiches, wraps, mini pies, and cupcakes, so everyone can fuel up when they get tired. Don’t forget to prepare winter-themed party favors to make the day extra special and memorable for everyone. And what’s winter without ice?  If you’re expecting a lot of guests, you might need an ice machine rental to ensure that those ice-cold drinks are enjoyed.

No matter what theme you pick for your kids next birthday party with a little planning and patience you can make it a success. Remember, it’s not so much about the theme that you pick but what you do with that theme. Get going and plan a theme with kids party hire and have a blast!