5 Things Parents Should Look for when Helping Teens Choose a College

Writing, reading, and arithmetic are the main things parents want their kids to learn in school, and that’s what they look for in any school they choose for their children to attend.

However, once school is done and the graduation cap is thrown into the air, most parents find that choosing a college is a whole different ballgame. Many kids choose to go to college directly after high school, so you should be ready for this eventuality.  Below you can find a few of the things that you should look for in a college when helping your teen choose the best one for them.

Campus Safety

The very first thing any parent or teen should look for in a college is how safe the campus is. From having university lockers so packages are kept safe until students can retrieve them, to well-lit parking lots and paths, there are many ways to keep your students safe. While most college campuses are extremely safe, you want to ask about the things above, as well as check the crime rates on the campus and in the area surrounding the college before making a final decision.

Available Majors

While this may seem like a no-brainer, you need to check to be sure that the college your student is considering has the majors they want to pursue. College is first and foremost about getting a well-rounded education, so offering your student’s chosen field of study is essential.

Class Size and Teacher to Student Ratio

It’s important to know what class sizes are going to be like before your student sets foot on campus for that first year. Is your student going to be just someone taking up a seat in a 400 seat lecture hall or will the professor know your student by name? This is up to the individual student and their parents. If your child learns better in a smaller environment, then you don’t want them to be tossed into an environment where no one knows who they are.

The Location of the College

Location is extremely important to many students and their parents. You want your child to be close enough to friends and family that if something happens, someone can get to them quickly. At the same time, you know they need to spread their wings and test the waters, so them being away from home for college is a good thing. Questions such as whether to go to school in a big city or a rural area need to be addressed as well. It’s not a great idea to go from a small country town in the South to a huge college in New York City and be on your own right away.


Being a college graduate will do your child little good if the college they choose isn’t accredited. Make sure to review a school’s accreditation carefully before making a final decision. A diploma from an accredited college or university goes a long way with future employers. There are even online colleges that are accredited if your child should choose to go the online route with their education.

Try to let them Make the Final Choice

While it’s your money, probably, paying for their college education, you do want your children to be happy in the college they choose. Tour colleges together, then sit down and make a final decision based on what your child wants and what you will allow.

These are just a few of the things you should look for when helping your teenager choose a college. Remember, the final decision should be made together for the best results.