6 Interesting Facts Why Some People Keep Their Doors Unlocked

Source: Unsplash | Jan Tinneberg

Do you lock the door of your room or house often? What are the reasons you leave them locked? Interestingly, there are also people who don’t lock their doors very often. Aside from houses, some business establishments also keep doors unlocked. Some people don’t even remember where they last placed their keys. If you’re the type who locks doors often, these six reasons why some people keep their doors unlock might surprise you.

Safety of the Neighborhood

Some people don’t bother locking their doors because they place a huge amount of trust in their community. According to US News, Maine tops the list as the safest state in the United States with the lowest violent crime rate and a population of 1.33 million people. In terms of worldwide safety, Iceland is considered as the safest country in the world. According to World Population Review’s 2018 report, Iceland held the top rank for eleven consecutive years. Lower criminality allows people to leave their doors unlocked no matter what time of the day.

Tasks that Involve Leaving the House

People leave their doors unlocked especially when they have to attend to tasks that involve leaving the house for a short time. For instance, people leave their houses for an hour or two to walk the dog, to attend a meeting, to have the car washed, or to buy some groceries. If one needs to leave the house momentarily, it is more convenient to leave the doors unlocked.

More Children, More Heads To Count

The more children a family has, the less likely parents are to lock their doors. With more kids to handle and everyone is in a hurry to go to school and to work, the chances of leaving the door unlocked becomes high. On the other hand, parents with an only-child are most likely to lock-up their homes.

Security systems

Other people are confident in leaving their doors unlocked because they have security alarms and systems installed in their houses. Surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, and the like help a lot in keeping you alert with regard to threats and dangers in and around your house. Some homeowners also have guard dogs outside of their houses in the hopes of scaring away thieves and outsiders.

Burglars Always Have Their Ways

Others believe that burglars always have their own ways of getting inside a house whether the doors are left unlocked or locked. Some people believe that even if they try to mitigate a burglary, the damages will still affect them greatly. They believe that it is better to just let things be and find solutions after the burglary has happened.

In Case of Emergencies

Suppose you are at work or are at school and a fire or an earthquake hits the area you live in unexpectedly. Will your belongings be retrieved easily if the doors are locked? This is the reason why some people leave their doors unlock—for easy access in case of emergencies.

These are the six reasons most people keep their doors unlocked. If these reasons won’t change your opinion and you still want to keep doors securely locked, it might be a good idea to keep a set of lock-picking tools, just in case extreme circumstances and emergencies arise. There is a variety of lock-pick sets all around the market for you to use. These tools can help you access locked doors whenever it is deemed necessary.

With all these reasons given, will you stick to your current decision for the safety and security of your home? Will you keep the doors unlocked, or will you double lock them? Let us know your thoughts about this issue.