6 things to do at the Exumas

Everything great starts with something small. The fact that the Exumas have got to the point of great renown has been one of the most surprising things. These little bunch of islands which lie to the outer part of the Bahamas is not what you think would be famous. However, Exumas are one of the best places to have a vacation in.

Filled with beautiful sandbars and beaches that stretch around for miles, these small group of islands houses a surprisingly large number of beautiful sceneries. While the Exumas first become famous for the opportunity, it offers to people that of swimming with pigs at the bay it offers much more.

Want to have your adventure? Book yourself one of the Exuma vacation rentals, and read on to get a sense of what you should do.

1. Visit a sandbar during low tide

The Little Galliot Cay Sandbar is what dreams are made of. A long stretch of sand that stays afloat only during low tide is something that you would fall in love with. This is one of those places with exquisite beauty that you must keep photographing to keep in your memories. Jott down on the sand which has no footprints and read a book, or build yourself a pretty sandcastle before the high tide sets it.

Visiting in the morning is recommended since that is the time when most of the sand is visible, and you can walk along the sandbar for a longer time. It also provides you with the unique opportunity to have a cuppa in between the seas.

2. Have a bit of a party at Staniel Cay

The only marina at the cays, this little island holds all the buzz that the Exumas can offer. Restaurants and bars line the beach and are perfect for your short visit all around the place. Remember to try the conch salad made with live conches and to try out the seafood at the Cay. If you do make it on a Saturday, enjoy the Chat N Chill, where everyone in the Bahamas comes together to celebrate. You will find all the advice you need about visiting the island here, and some of the freshest seafood in the world.

Pro tip, the weekly Chat N CHill also hosts a large Pig roast, so, if pork is your go-to comfort food, try it out for yourself.

3. Enjoy the waters at Thunderball Grotto

Imagine this, low hanging cavern which hugs everything around you, a water-filled diving experience, and all the fish you can ever imagine seeing. The Thunderball grotto is what an adventurer’s dreams are made of. However, be careful while, navigating around here, it brings with the adventure a sense of trickiness too, since, navigating this place without having some experience is snorkeling can be quite dangerous.

However, once you make it through and the sun hits your eyes again through the sea, you would find yourself in a bonafide Disney movie, with fishes all around. Sure, not all of us can have the perks that James Bond has, but, there’s nothing wrong with sharing some of his adventures.

4. Try your hand at Conch Shell Diving

One of the things you must try at the Exumas is their excellent Conch salad. However, when you are buying them at the restaurant, why not get some conches yourself to. At various points in the beaches, it is easy to dive in and grab some conches and have a treat as you mix them with a salad. Sure, it’s not exactly hunting but, where else would you get to swim with the fishes and arrange for your little breakfast.

Ask the guides for help regarding the places, some places near the Starfish Reserve are perfect for finding the Conches you would need. These conches also make beautiful gifts for your family back home.

5. Wander at the Shroud Cay

An often forgotten stop in the usual tourist itineraries, Shroud Cay, is the answer to your dreams. This small marine place just offshoot of the Exuma Sea and water park is a bit difficult to navigate but, once you get there, there’s a huge trail that you can walk through. This is one of the trails that we recommend since it takes you through shoulder-deep water and gets you to the highest point at the Cays.

The cliff is where things get interesting. You can look around and see the entire sea stretching out before you and feel accomplished. Filled with beautiful mangrove vegetation, the Shroud Cay is a treat to the eyes as you follow the tracks that lead you to the highest point.

Remember to carry a second set of clothes and a waterproof camera since there are sceneries that you would not want to miss out on. Pro tip, this place falls under the protected reserves so, it is recommended that you do not disturb any of the natural flora at fauna when you visit.

6. Explore a crashed Drug Plane

If your adventure of choice includes the Gangster movies of the 80s, Norman’s Cay is where you should be heading off to. Back in the days, a drug plane crashed just off the island and had laid there since. Then, a symbol of a booming drug business, now the drug plane is home to hundreds of marine life forms floating around.

The water here is shallow so you can quickly go in for a long session of snorkeling as you explore a real-life wreck of an airplane. Who knows, maybe you will discover a mystery all to yourself?