7 Cool Ideas To Keep Your Shed Tidy

As the saying goes, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. And, never a truer word has been spoken about a shed. A shed is a fantastic storage facility for all your stuff. But, you need to keep it neat and tidy.

Here are some tips on how to organize your garden shed.

1. Put Up Shelving

One of the keys to garden shed storage is shelving. Whether you put up a few rows over the workbench or a full wall of units, you can use the shelves to store pretty much everything and anything. Remember to add a few units over windows and doors to truly get the most out of your space.

2. Put Tool Racks In

If you find you are reaching for a fork and grabbing a spade, you probably get frustrated with those long wooden handles that all seem the same.  So, stick in a handy shovel rack for your garden tools with long handles or stick a pallet on the side and create a rack for your tools.

3. Don’t Skimp on Hooks

For your smaller tools, do not underestimate the power of hooks! Space your hooks out neatly across a spare part of wall, or along cupboards and under shelves. If you’re a little short on space, remember that you can hang stuff from the ceiling of the shed.

4. Use Magnets

If you are considering garden sheds for sale from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, think about your storage needs and consider magnets. Magnets offer an easy and safe way to store all your metallic bits and knives, screwdrivers, pliers, and more. Don’t forget to use magnets for paintbrushes, too!

5. Boxes and Baskets

While the bigger items in your shed take up some space, you still need somewhere to put all those loose bits and bobs. A few baskets or boxes attached to a wall or door, or even tucked under a shelf is the ideal solution.

6. Get a Few Toolboxes

A trusty toolbox cannot be underestimated. It is key in a shed for keeping your space neat and tidy. It’s also essential for separating your tools neatly and organizing everything to prolong their life and protect them. A massive range of designs and sizes of toolboxes means you are bound to find plenty to meet your needs. Just make sure you pick toolboxes that are rugged and rust resistant. If you would prefer to get a tool chest, make sure you check the drawer’s weight rating so you avoid your heavy hammers wrecking your new chest!

7. Keep The Hose Out Of The Way

We all know that no matter how you roll it up, a hosepipe can get into an annoying tangle all on its own, ready to trip the next person who steps foot in your shed. You can solve this annoyance easily by getting a hose hanger. You can mount a cylinder to the wall. A bucket or old cable spool works especially well and leaves you with even more space!

Use the tips we’ve provided and have plenty of storage in your shed for your belongings.